APS Motion Control Standard - Motor Cabling tables
(stage connections)

FunctionAerotech Stage wire colorJaeger (female) pin (old Klinger)DB25M pin (new Newport/Klinger)ELCO (male) pinBELDEN YR40090 wire color
Winding 1 (or A)blue1. . .brown3Ablack
Winding 2 (or A')green2. . .red1Bbrown
Winding 3 (or B)yellow3. . .orange5Cred
Winding 4 (or B')red4. . .yellow7Dorange
Return 1yellow/white6. . .blue11Ewhite/black
Return 2yellow/white6. . .blue11Fwhite/brown
Return 3brown/white5. . .green9Hwhite/red
Return 4brown/white5. . .green9Jwhite/orange
Winding 5n.a.n.a.n.a.Kyellow
Return 5n.a.n.a.n.a.Lwhite/yellow
Homepink (either end)7. . .violet13Nviolet
Home Returngreen/white10. . .(black)16Pwhite/violet
Logic Supplyblue/white (-5V)15. . .green (+5V)21Vgray
Logic Returngreen/white16. . .blue22?Rwhite/gray
Shieldorange8. . .red14Sbare
CW (+) Limitwhite (not)12. . .(gray)17Wgreen
CCW (-) Limitgray (not)11. . .(white)18Xblue
CW Lim. Ret.green/white10. . .(black)16Twhite/green
CCW Lim. Ret.green/white10. . .(black)16Uwhite/blue
Notes:AA, B, CD


  • A: some stages from this vendor have active circuitry for limits and home functions. Voltage required is listed with pin for Logic Supply.
  • B: UE31PP series motors from this vendor have both low resistance and low current handling capacity. Series resistance or other means of reliability limiting current is necessary when driven by typical motor drivers.
  • C: Connector no longer used on new products.
  • D: Part #