APS Motion Control Standard - Definitions

  • Positive motion is defined as clockwise.

  • Clockwise is defined as the motion of the shaft of a motor relative to its casing when viewed from the end opposite to drive connections. This is often the side of the motor with a nameplate, and may incorporate a knob for manual motions when current is removed. Rotating the knob on a double-ended shaft in the clockwise direction will result in what is considered a positive move.

  • Stages from vendors which have attached connectors with enclosed motors, gearing, and limit switches should be connected in a standard way such that the final drive element moves consistently for the same user request for all models and options. Most vendors supply their products this way. This may require some motors to rotate differently from others to accomplish the same final drive motion. This is preferred if the entire stage is the component which is substituted in different setups. However, in any case where a knob is provided for manual motions, the above definition should be used.

  • Motor Phase as defined in the Slo-Syn catalog.