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BCDA Custom Hardware


   - Industry Pack Support -

Project No. Description Documentation Images Contact
BC-020 Multi purpose IP to Lemo interface (DIN-rail) Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-021 IP330 ADC interface (DIN-rail) Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-022 IP-Unidig interface for BC-020 Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-023 IP-Systran DAC interface for BC-020 Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-026 IP330 ADC interface for BC-020 IP-Lemo system Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-028 Relay Module Board for IP-Unidig - image Peter Fuesz
BC-038 IP-DAC & IP-ADC BNC Breakout Description image Kurt or Peter
BC-066 IP-HYTEC8402 Interface for BC-020 Lemo Breakout Kurt Goetze
BC-067 IP-Octal RS232 to RJ45 Breakout Board Description Kurt Goetze

email Kurt Goetze   

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