11-BM is dedicated to high-resolution powder diffraction measurements.  The instrument operates over the energy range 25-35 keV, and combines a sagittally focused monochromator with multiple Si crystal analyzers to achieve exceptional resolution and sensitivity.  The beamline offers a unique mail-in service for rapid access, and supports on-site user experiments for non-routine powder diffraction measurements.


11-ID-B is dedicated to Pair-Distribution-Function (PDF) measurements with area detectors. The instrument operates at high X-ray energies (58.66 keV, 86.7 keV) and is optimized for High throughput measurements and non-ambient / in-situ measurements. Typical configurations may involve a sample changer, cryostream, compact furnace/flow cell, compact pressure cells (<15 GPa, under development), and single-crystal diffuse scattering (under development).



11-ID-C is used for scattering studies at extreme conditions. The high energy X-ray beam (115 keV) is highly penetrating and allows a wide coverage of reciprocal space over a small angular scattering range. This is particularly advantageous for experiments that require bulky sample environments (e.g. magnets, cryostats, levitator).


11-ID-D provides laser-induced time-resolved (LITR) spectroscopic and scattering tools to probe electronic and structural changes along reaction pathways. These tools are used to probe complex hierachical systems with potential applications in areas of energy conversion/storage such as solar cells, light emitting devices, molecular machines, or catalytic systems.



17-BM is dedicated to rapid acquisition powder diffraction experiments using an area detector, where moderate resolution data can be obtained in fractions of seconds. The versatile set-up can accommodate a wide range of sample environments and is well suited to parametric/in situ/in operando measurements. Standard configurations include a sample changer, cryostream, compact furnace/flow cell, compact pressure cells (<10 GPa, under development). Note: This program relocated from 1-BM in August 2012.