Combined Rietveld Refinements: Where 1+1 can be > 2

Presentation Goal

  • Discuss why use of more than one data set, for example x-rays and neutrons or x-ray measurements can support more extensive models than that from a single data set. Or, how to use a priori "knowledge" (in truth, assumptions) to reduce the complexity of a model. Also, how to detect that two data sets are incompatible, where a combined fit is not appropriate.
  • Format: PDF slides or a RealPlayer video of the slides with accompanying audio.

Presentation Outline

  1. Motivation to use more than a single measurement
    • Anomalous dispersion (resonant scattering)
    • X-rays + neutrons
    • Hard & soft constraints
  2. Combined refinement case studies
  3. What can go wrong with combined refinements


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