Optics Simulation and Code Development

Improvements and new developments in theory and simulation methods are critical to advancing x-ray optics and scientific experimental techniques. Towards the global efforts to develop an accurate and efficient start-to-end tool chain for simulating SR sources, optics and experiments, the APS optics group focuses on the following research areas:

  • Hybrid beam propagation code

    The project, in collaboration with Dr. Ruben Reininger (XSD, APS) and Dr. Manuel Sanchez del Rio (ESRF), is to develop fast and accurate code for simulating partially coherent radiation from SR sources and its propagation through different optical elements. The hybrid method combines the geometric ray tracing and wavefront propagation. The code computes diffraction effects when the beam is clipped by an aperture or mirror length and can also simulate the effect of figure errors in the optical elements when diffraction is present. Initial test demonstrated the code is considerably faster than state of the art wave propagation codes and therefore, a useful tool for beamline design and optimization. Its implementation into the SHADOW ray tracing package is in progress. A beta version in Igor or IDL is available upon request (contact Xianbo Shi)

  • Figure 12: An example mirror figure error profile and its effect on the focal image.

  • Propagation using the stationary phase approximation

    Besides the hybrid method, the Optics group is further developing the wavefront propagation code based on the stationary phase approximation initially developed by Dr. Ruben Reininger (XSD, APS). The code is accurate and ideal for simulating grazing incident optics with figure errors (see Fig. ). It was recently extended to include the parallel computing capability. Possible approaches to perform partial coherence simulation are under discussion.

  • User support

    In addition to code development, the optics group staff provides support to APS beamline scientists and users with their needs in beamline optimization and optics simulation. It also provides training on existing ray-tracing (e.g., SHADOW) and wave propagation (e.g., SRW) programs.

Work requests can be submitted by filling the Optics Group's work request from at https://beam.aps.anl.gov/pls/apsweb/wam0002.owr_main_menu.