Welcome to the Microscopy group (MIC)! 

Microscopy is part of the X-ray Science Division at the Advanced Photon Source.

We develop and support a diverse and multidisciplinary user research program at Sectors 2, 8, 26 and 34 of the APS, with the overall goal to image and study structure and chemistry at spatial and temporal resolutions that are most scientifically relevant to the cutting-edge advances in materials, biological, environmental, and biomedical sciences, as well as physics.  To achieve this goal, we actively engage in various research activities including

(a) collaborative research with user groups,

(b) outreach to broad scientific communities, and

(c) technical R&D in collaborations with other groups on     

  • nano-focusing x-ray optics,
  • image contrast mechanisms,
  • phase-retrieval methodology,
  • detectors and data analysis, and
  • new beamline initiatives to maintain state-of-the-art x-ray microscopy capabilities at the APS. 

Experimental techniques supported or being developed in our group include

  • microfluorescence,
  • phase contrast imaging,
  • microdiffraction,
  • fluorescence tomography,
  • and coherent diffraction.

This website is intended to provide useful information about these techniques and their scientific applications. If you are interested in doing an experiment with us, or simply curious about what is going on, please feel free to contact me by email svogt@aps.anl.gov or at 630-252-3071.

Enjoy your tour of our website!

Best Regards,

Stefan Vogt


Advanced Photon Source