As an APS user, you are required to notify both the APS and your host beamline staff of all work published in the open literature (including conference proceedings) related to research carried out wholly or in part at the APS.


This acknowledgment statement must be included in all published reports of work conducted at the APS. Appropriate acknowledgments of the resources provided by collaborative access teams (CATs) and/or their staff, other (non-CAT) beamline staff, affiliated institutions, and funding agencies should be included, as well. Also mutually beneficial is a statement in the text noting the location(s) and designation(s) of beamlines (e.g., "Data was collected on the X-ray Operations and Research beamline 2-ID-B at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory").


The APS Publications Database

The APS Publications Database (searchable compendium of information on results from research at the APS) is the official source for all records of APS-related publications, dissertations, abstracts, awards, and invited talks. To add your publication(s) to the database, you can (A) submit a pdf or printed copy of the published article (not a preprint; page numbers are important) to your host sector management; (B) enter the information in the APS Publications Database yourself, or (C) have the APS do the data entry.

Complete instructions are at:


Your Work in the Press

Support for the APS and other synchrotron light sources is inextricably entwined with effective communication of the innovative and important science carried out by you and your colleagues. News articles based on press releases from user institutions is a highly effective way of communicating with the broadest possible audience. But to be most effective, press releases and news stories about light source research must take note of synchrotron radiation research in general, the APS, Argonne National Laboratory, and the Department of Energy (DOE).

We encourage you to talk about your research with the public affairs office at your home institution. And whenever your home institution prepares a press release based on research that you conducted at the APS, we hope you will do your best to insure that the APS, Argonne, the DOE, and synchrotron radiation science are mentioned. If you or your publicity office need any assistance from the APS or Argonne in preparing press releases, please do not hesitate to contact Richard Fenner (, 630-252-5280). Please also notify Richard Fenner when you are aware of an impending press release based on your research; this notice will help us promote your achievements, and ours.



Please feel free to direct any questions to