User Obligations

Summary of what APS expects of users in return for access to the facility.


Register with the APS as far in advance of your initial visit as possible (even when you are simply planning an experiment).

User Agreement
Ensure that a User Agreement is in place between the APS and your home institution.

Ensure that you complete all required training before conducting hands-on work at the APS.

Safety Assessement
Complete Experiment Safety Assessment Forms.

End of Experiment Form
Complete End of Experiment form to provide feedback (required for General Users, optional for others).



Published Reports of Work Carried Out at the APS
As an APS user, you are required to notify both the APS and your host beamline staff of all work published in the open literature (including conference proceedings) related to research carried out wholly or in part at the APS, and to supply appropriate acknowledgement.

Activity Report
Contribute summaries of your work at the APS to the periodic APS User Activity Reports.

Contribute information on high-profile results for APS use in annual report, etc.

Personal Data
Notify the APS User Office promptly if you relocate to a different home institution or if the Howard Hughes Medical Institute becomes a co-sponsor of your research after you receive your APS user badge. Also notify the User Office of any changes in your contact information or visa status.

Abide by the requirements associated with holding an APS badge.