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Practical Matters






Program Committees and Organizers

Advanced Photon Source

Gene Ice, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (chair), 
Keith Brister, Northwestern University
Thomas Gog, Argonne National Laboratory
Ward Smith, Argonne National Laboratory

APS User Organization Nominating Committee

Stephan Ginell, Argonne National Laboratory (Chair)
Thomas Gog, Argonne National Laboratory
Tim Graber, University of Chicago
David Reis, University of Michigan

Susan Strasser
Meg Vigliocco-Hagen

Center for Nanoscale Materials

John A. Rogers, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Chair)
Paul G. Evans, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vitali Metlushko, University of Illinois at Chicago
Nicolaie Moldovan, Northwestern University
Stephen Streiffer, Argonne National Laboratory
Gayle E. Woloschak, Northwestern University

Carrie Clark
Joanne Day
Sharon Gunter
Rachel Miralez

Electron Microscopy Center

Dean Miller, Electron Microscopy Center, Argonne National Laboratory (Chair)
Russell Cook, Electron Microscopy Center, Argonne National Laboratory
Yasuo Ito, Northern Illinois University
Bryan Rabatic, Center for Nanoscale Materials, ANL

Intense Pulsed Neutron Source

Thomas Koetzle, Argonne National Laboratory

Maria Heinig

Overall Meeting Support and Logistics

Meg Vigliocco-Hagen -- Meeting Coordinator
Linda Carlson -- Registration and Web Site
Sharon Fisher -- Registration Support
Rachel Reed -- Workshop and Poster Support
Jane Andrew -- Program Book and Web Site
Susan Picologlou -- Program Book Editorial Support
Connie Vanni, Lori Moore -- Vendor Exhibits
Lori Moore -- General Meeting Support
Joan Brunsvold, Marianne Adair, Judy Benigno -- Conference Services
Bob Whitman, Ed Russell, Becky Tasker -- Building Arrangements
Steve Downey -- Shipping
Carmie White -- Social Events