APS General User Proposal System
Instructions for Beamline General User Administrators

version 2.0
August 20, 2003

General User Program: gu_program@aps.anl.gov, 630-252-7385
Technical assistance: mis_mgrs@aps.anl.gov


  1. Log on at http://beam.aps.anl.gov/pls/apsweb/gup0005.start_page.
  2. Under Administration, choose Beamlines Admin.
  3. On the next screen, choose Beamline Evaluation. A very brief search criteria screen is displayed that offers a simple filter.
  4. Choose which filter you want to use to display new beam time requests. Two search options are provided: "New Proposals Only" and "Existing Proposals". Check one or both, then click Submit. A list of proposals is displayed. The criteria used to select proposals for display are described below under "About the Filter.".
  5. Enter comments using one of these two options:
  6. Option 1--Display all questions for a given proposal at once: Click the scheduling period. You'll get all questions displayed on one page. The full proposal title is displayed on this page. Click Submit to record your comments. You can edit later and resubmit.
    Option 2--Display single question: In the column corresponding to the question you want to answer, click "Edit". A page is displayed showing only that question. Click Submit to record your comments. You can edit later and resubmit.

  7. To print comments: if your browser does not show a File menu option on the window, try Ctrl-P.
  • Proposal number is a link to the PDF of the proposal and associated attachments.
  • "Display review" is a link to the review sheet
  • Review score. In the case of macromolecular crystallography proposals, this score may be the score provided by the proposal review panel, in case of a discrepancy of more than 0.5 in the original scores. If there is no score, it means that the review is not complete.
  • Spokesperson's name.
  • Scheduling period of each beam time request: Link goes to the whole comment sheet with all questions. The full proposal title is displayed on this sheet.
  • An asterisk on the scheduling period indicates that you provided comments during that period.
  • Status of each beam time request.
  • Beamline choices. Your beamline(s) show(s) in bold.
  • Column for each question. "Edit" link goes to the individual question.
  • Claim NUF. For a beamline operating as a national user facility (NUF), the check box in this column is used to claim the proposal for the beamline's NUF time.
  • "New Proposals Only" will show proposals whose first request corresponds to the most recent deadline.
  • "Existing Proposals" will show returning proposals with at least one request prior to the most recent deadline. All requests for the proposal are listed, both current and previous..
  • You will see all proposals you are eligible to view--that is, proposals requesting any beamline for which you are a contact). Your beamline or beamlines are shown in bold.