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APS User News-at-a-Glance 2005

Year-End Index

Issue 29 (01.24)

  • APS Community Mourns Howard Birnbaum, Long-time Friend and Advisor
  • Message from Murray: Scientific Strategic Plan Nearing Completion
  • Cross-cut review on January 26: Science requiring the pulsed structure of the APS x-ray beam
  • Research highlight: In situ kinetics study reveals a key to consistent self-assembly of nanocrystal superlattices
  • Users Meeting May 2-6 celebrates anniversary, beginning
  • Mail-in crystallography program introduced for general users
  • General User update: More beamlines, extra beam time, next deadline
  • Users invited to support accelerator research through American Physical Society
  • People news: New leadership in accelerator operations, x-ray microscopy, and ESH/QA; Joanne Day retiring in March
  • Administrative dates and deadlines

Issue 30 (03.08)

  • Message from Murray
  • Schmahl, Kirz Receive Compton Award for Contributions to X-ray Microscopy
  • Research Highlight: X-ray Movies Reveal Muscle Motion for Insect Flight
  • Local Special Interest Groups Help Users Overcome "Geography" and Share Info, Resources
  • User Announcement: Workshop on New Neutron Technique for Membranes and Films
  • 2005 Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting Held in January
  • Urgent: Data on Papers, Talks, Awards Needed by March 21 for BES Facility Review
  • Deadline Reminders: Proposals, User Meeting Posters and Registration
  • Electrical Safety Update
  • International Effort Launches New Online Resource,
  • People News (Zitzka Replaces Day)

Issue 31 (04.07)

  • Message from Murray
  • Users Meeting: Time's Almost Up
  • APSUO Elections Open April 15 - May 3
  • The First Radiation: A Brief Historical Account in Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary
  • Important Open Meeting April 15: Implementing Our "New Directions"
  • Introducing the Center for Nanoscale Materials at Argonne National Laboratory
  • Science Highlight: Zinc Deficiency Linked to Esophageal Cancer
  • Attention New Users and Young Scientists: XAFS Program Joins Summer School Line-up
  • Picosecond Pulses? Workshop on Possibilities, May 6
  • Briefly Noted (scholarship to nanoscience workshop [April 15 deadline], special interest groups on interfaces and structural biology, operating mode change August 9-15, new ESH/QA coordinator, [web edition addition 4/11/05:] high magnetic field workshop)

Issue 32 (06.29)

  • Message from Murray: XOR Tactical Plan Evolves; Three Upgrades Chosen
  • Science Highlight: Sequence to Structure in DNA
  • New Technique Captures Submicrosecond Images Using White Beam; Work Garners Argonne Award
  • Operating Mode Changes Decided for Summer Run
  • Proposal Deadlines Approaching: July 15
  • Crystallographic Exposure: APS at ACA
  • Four Elected to APS Users Organization Steering Committee
  • 2005 Users Meeting: A Rich Sampling of Science Past, Present, and Future
  • Briefly Noted
    • subscribe to News Flash from
    • meeting notice: neutron macromolecular crystallography at SNS, July 12-13
    • meeting notice: surface and interface characterization at APS, Sept. 8-9
    • meeting notice: Synchrotron Environmental Science III at Brookhaven, Sept. 19-21
    • meeting notice: Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference at Argonne, Nov. 3-5
    • thesis data needed for publication database
  • SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: Users Meeting Summaries

Issue 33 (08.25)

    • Recent Highlights
      • ---Characterizing Complete Metal-Cluster Proteins
      • ---"Cookbook Recipes" Would Cure Disease with Nontoxic DNA Delivery Systems
      • ---Other Science Headlines
    • September Workshops Probe New Directions in Catalysis, Surface/Interface Science
    • Three APS Employees Win R&D 100 Award for Nanoprobe Lens
    • Magazine Ranks Illinois Highest for Biotechnology
    • Getting Noticed: Your Press Releases Can Help the APS Too
    • APS Science 2004 and Strategic Plan Report Now Available
    • Work Beginning on Initial XOR Beamline Upgrades
    • GM/CA-CAT Dedicates Dual-Undulator Beamlines at Sector 23
    • Partner User Council Adopts New Charter and Elects Chair
    • APSUO Elects Vice-Chair/Users Meeting Chair
    • Planning Begins for 2006 Users Meeting--Especially Workshops
    • Proposal Deadlines Set for 2006 Beam Time
    • Staff Transitions in the User Office
    • Operating Schedule Published for Run 2006-1
    • Reliability Continues High
    • Reminders for non-U.S. citizens and their collaborators
    • Argonne/University of Chicago shuttle schedule changed

Issue 34 (09.26)

  • Message from Murray
    • DOE Supports Science and Technology Faculty, Students Affected by Katrina
    • Cheaper Silicon Found Effective for Solar Cells
    • Two APS Groups Awarded NIH Protein Structure Initiative Grants of More Than $100 Million
    • Argonne Supercomputing Resource Available to APS Users
    • Two from HP-CAT win Balzan Prize
    • Student User Meets Nobel Laureates
    • Summer Schools Train 117 Students
    • "New user" scholarships available for SNS/HFIR users meeting
    • Correction: Beamtime Allocation Committee meeting date
    • New menu unwrapped at 401 Grill
    • Construction affects access from west

Issue 35 (11.22)

  • Message from Murray
    • Date Correction: Cross Cut Review on January 25
    • Science Highlight: "Demixing" of Metallic Liquids Seen for First Time
    • SRI-2005 Detector Workshop Moved to APS
    • Shop and Machine Tool Users: Reauthorization Required by February 1, 2006
    • Pete Jemian Heads Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition Group
    • Nominations Packages Due Feb. 15 for 2006 APSUO Franklin Award
    • Reviews Scheduled for 10 Sectors
    • New Information Products from the APS
    • CV Check: Any New APS Papers?
    • Holiday Shutdowns Affect Services
    • SPIE Scholarships and Career Guidance

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