User Community

Given the pressures of conducting experiments, it's sometimes hard to find time to connect with new potential colleagues, even though they may be working at the next beamline. There are many opportunities for making informal connections with other users and with APS staff; this page lists only a few of the many communication channels at the APS.

Reaching Other Users

Communicating with the APS

  • APS/Users' Operations Monthly Meeting
    Updates on strategic planning issues, organizational changes, facility-wide technical issues, etc.
  • APS User Organization Steering Committee (APSUO)
    Elected representatives of the Advanced Photon Source Users Organization (APSUO), which consists of all badged users.
  • InterCAT Technical Workgroup (TWG)
    Focused technical collaboration and information exchange on beamline issues.
  • Partner User Council (PUC)
    Provides advice and recommendations to APS management in matters regarding current and future facility operations and development, and APS-Partner User relationships. 
  • Operations Directorate
    Weekly discussion of operations and schedule issues, attended by APS upper management and representatives of the APSUO and PUC. Issues for discussion can be brought to the attention of the APSUO Steering Committee or PUC.