Training Management System

Argonne system used to track training requirements and completion of training for APS users.

  • TMS Login: User Profiles
    Allows user administrators to check training requirements and status for a particular user. Profile lists (1) courses required to be taken within the next three months, (2) required courses completed, (3) suggested courses the user may take, and (4) elective courses the user has completed.
  • TMS Login: User Training History
    Allows user administrators to check a user's status for APS Orientation and General Employee Radiation Training (GERT)--the core courses necessary to access the experiment hall.  This profile also shows the status of other training the person may be required to take based on information in the user's Job Hazard Questionnaire (JHQ).
  • Instructions for User Training History
    Detailed information regarding the use of both views described above. It also describes the purpose and limitations of these tools, along with the responsibilities of beamline personnel to remain in compliance with safety training requirements. 

For further information on these systems, please contact the User Office, 630-252-9090,