Workshop on Science Opportunities using X-Rays and Split Gap High-Field Magnets

June 8-9, 2006

Location: Building 401, Room A1100

Coordinators: Y. Lee (MIT), V. Kiryukhin (Rutgers), Z. Islam, J. Lang, G. Srajer


Thursday, June 8
9:00 Welcome Denny Mills (Deputy Associate Laboratory Director, Argonne National Laboratory)
9:10 Goal of the Workshop in the Context of the APS Renewal Proposal George Srajer (Argonne National Laboratory)
Theme: Science drivers for an x-ray facility
9:30  Science Opportunities at 30 T (Part I) Young S. Lee (MIT)
10:10  Science Opportunities at 30 T (Part II) Valery Kiryukhin (Rutgers)
10:50 Coffee Break
11:00 High-Field Flux-Line-Lattice Studies with X-Rays Morten R. Eskildsen (Notre Dame)
11:30 High-Field Ordered Phases in Quantum and Frustrated Antiferromagnets Sarah Dunsiger (McMaster University)
12:00 Determining the Upper-Critical-Field Anisotropy of Novel Superconductors by X-ray Diffraction Jiying Li (Iowa State/Ames Lab.)
12:30 Lunch Break
Theme: What are the neutron folks doing? Plans for high-field facility
1:30  Concepts for a >30 T Conical Hybrid Magnet Beamline for SNS and an Actively-Shielded 16 T Superconducting Magnet Frank Klose (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
2:00 Beyond 15 T with Neutron Scattering Mechtilde Enderle (ILL-Grenoble)
2:30 High Field Magnets for Nuetron Scattering at HMI - Present and Future Peter Smeibidl (Hahn Meitner Institute-Berlin)
3:00 Coffee Break
Theme: What we need for an x-ray facility: Uniqueness/advantages of a synchrotron
3:30 Synchrotron Beamline for a High-Field Split-Gap Magnet Jonathan Lang (Argonne National Laboratory)
4:10 New Capabilities of the Upgraded Storage Ring Mike Borland
4:50 Synchrotron X-ray Studies of Materials in High Magnetic Fields: A Perspective from Experiments Zahir Islam (Argonne National Laboratory)
5:30 Open Discussion  
6:30 Dinner (no host)  
Friday, June 9
Theme: A high-field magnet for synchrotron x-ray studies
9:00 Design Challenges of a 30T Split Series-Connected Hybrid Mark Bird (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)
10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 Open Discussion  
11:30 Summary  

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