Workshop on Coherence Imaging

Date: June 15 and July 11

Location: June 15: Building 432/C010; July 11: Building 402/E1100-E1200

Time: June 15: 1:30-4:00 p.m.; July 11: 1:30-5:30

Coordinators: Q. Shen, W. Lee, A. Sandy

July 11 Program:

Tuesday, July 11
1:30 Introduction  
1:35 Anticipated Capabilities of the Upgraded Storage Ring Michael Borland,
Advanced Photon Source
2:00 How Can X-ray Intensity Fluctuation Spectroscopy Push the Frontiers of Materials Science Mark Sutton,
McGill University
2:25 Coherent Diffraction Plans for Diamond Ian Robinson,
University College London and Diamond Light Source
2:50 Prospects for X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy of Biological Materials in Water Larry Lurio,
Northern Illinois University
3:10 Break  
3:30 Coherent Diffraction Imaging: APS Upgrade and Future Prospects Qun Shen,
Advanced Photon Source
3:55 If I Had a Trillion Photons: Coherent Flux and New Possibilities in Quantum Dynamics Oleg Shpyrko,
Center for Nanomaterials
4:15 Long Imaging Beamline for the APS: Technical/Scientific Considerations Wah-Keat Lee,
Advanced Photon Source
4:40 Prospects for Studying Surface Dynamics at an Upgraded APS Michael Sprung,
Advanced Photon Source
4:50 Fluctuation X-ray Microscopy: for Measuring Medium-Range Order and Perspectives Lixin Fan,
Advanced Photon Source
5:05 Discussion  

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