APS Upgrade Archives (2006-2008)

An Energy Recovery LINAC concept for the APS.

An Energy Recovery LINAC concept for the APS.

This site archives work on potential APS upgrades that predates the development (begun in May 2008) of the formal APS Upgrade project. This information is retained as background for any future facility upgrades.

The Advanced Photon Source (APS) has been operating for more than 11 years, and the capabilities and user impact of this facility grow continuously. Given the scope and productivity of the APS user community, it is essential that we plan for continuing improvements to our premier facility in order to deliver state-of the-art x-ray beams beyond the next decade. There is a wide spectrum of activities needed for progress, from beamline optics, detectors, and end-station equipment, to major accelerator upgrades. Innovative new machine concepts, especially so-called fourth-generation sources, are coming on the horizon.

We have been encouraged by our sponsors, the Department of Energy Office of Basic Energy Sciences, to explore options for major accelerator upgrades to the APS in the next decade. Our ground rules are that an upgrade must be revolutionary in terms of the new scientific capabilities it offers, whilst being minimally disruptive to the large and thriving APS user community.

Through extensive discussions with our community, we have come up with some serious options that have been reviewed for technical feasibility by an external machine advisory committee. At this point, we favor the concept of the energy recovery linac (ERL), which offers revolutionary properties, especially for x-ray imaging and ultrafast science. We hope to engage in R&D on the ERL, driven by the science made possible by a fourth-generation upgrade, while continuing to remain open to other upgrade options in the next few years.

This Web page contains resources for dialog with our user community, related to upgrade planning and R&D. Please feel free to contact us through the links on this page with your comments. Input and support from our user community remain vital to our success.

Murray Gibson, SUF Associate Laboratory Director
May 10, 2007

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