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Common features of nanoscale structural correlations in magnetoresistive manganites with a ferromagnetic low-temperature state

Kiryukhin V, Koo TY, Borissov A, Kim YJ, Nelson CS, Hill JP, Gibbs D, Cheong SW

65 (9): Art. No. 094421 MAR 1 2002
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We report x-ray scattering studies of nanoscale structural correlations in Nd1-xSrxMnO3 and La1-x(Ca,Sr)(x)MnO3, x = 0.2-0.5. We find that the correlated regions possess it temperature-independent correlation length of 2-3 lattice constants which is the same in all samples. The period of the lattice modulation of the correlated regions is proportional to the Ca/Sr doping concentration x. Remarkably, the lattice modulation periods of these and several other manganites with a ferromagnetic ground state fall on the same curve when plotted as a function of x. Thus, the structure of the correlated regions in these materials appears to be determined by a single parameter x. We argue that these observations provide important clues for understanding the colossal magnetoresistance phenomenon in manganites.

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