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Multiple-energy x-ray holography with atomic resolution

Gog T, Eisenhower RA, Menk RH, Tegze M, LeDuc G

92 (1-3): 123-129 MAY 1998

Recent approaches to achieving atomic resolution with holographic methods and directly image atomic structures in the bulk at surfaces and interfaces of solids have become increasingly successful. Multiple-energy X-ray holography (MEXH), a particular implementation of such a method, is reviewed and its first applications to bulk crystals and nano-clusters suspended in a crystalline matrix is presented. MEXH utilizes X-rays to generate an interference field within the sample, then determines its strength at specific atomic sites from fluorescence emissions. Scanning reciprocal space, a hologram is recorded from which local atomic structures can be reconstructed by Fourier transformation. Image aberrations known to distort single-energy holograms are effectively suppressed in this novel multi-energy technique. (C) 1998 Elsevier Science B,V. All rights reserved.

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