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EXAFS (Extended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure)

EXAFS Sample Stage
EXAFS Sample Stage (Click to Enlarge)
The Bending Magnet beamline of Sector 9 (9-BM) is used primarily to perform low energy (~2 to 6 keV) EXAFS experiments. For more information on the BM beamline and its capabilities, click here.

EXAFS experiments are performed at 9-BM B using several detectors, including ion chambers (transmission), Lytle (fluorescence) and - most recently - a Solid State Detector.

Upgrades to watch for in the future include:

  1. A thinner Beryllium Window in 9 BM B to allow for greater flux.
  2. A cryostat for low temperature experiments.

For more information, see the 9-BM User Manual.



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