Sector 9 User Retraining

Please complete the following boxes, read the basic information, 
and bring the quiz to a CMC Staff Member for evaluation.   
Re-trained by:

Basic Information:

Safety First Principle:
Sector 9 is committed to a safe pursuit of research and development goals. Under no circumstance should any experimenter put themselves or anyone else in an unsafe situation. Appropriate safety precautions should always be taken prior to engaging in any hazardous activity.

ES&H Manual:
The Environment, Safety and Health Manual is now only available online at

Contacting Floor Coordinators:
Pager 4-0101
Cindy Chafee 2-0300; pager 4-0300
Ray Monroe 2-0301; pager 4-0301

All chemicals brought into the lab must be accompanied by an MSDS. The MSDS folder is placed near the entrance to the experimental hall, just outside the chemical lab.

Personal Protective Equipment:
Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the chemical lab and in the LOM user machine shop. During liquid nitrogen handling, in addition to safety glasses, face shields must also be worn. Face shields alone do not substitute for safety glasses.
Proper hand gloves must be worn while handling chemicals, extreme hot/cold materials and abrasive materials.

Chemical Storage:
Always store chemicals in the proper locations in the chemical lab. Flammables and acids in the flammable and acid cabinets, respectively; hazardous chemicals under the fume hood; powder samples in the cabinet next to the hood. When adding a new chemical to the lab, always inform the safety coordinator.

Hazardous Waste:
Please contact the CMC safety coordinator well in advance if you anticipate producing any hazardous waste. All hazardous waste MUST be stored in an appropriate container and be labeled.



Can you locate the following in sector 9?

1. The fire extinguisher closest to where you are working
2. The nearest emergency exit
3. The safety shower
4. The eye wash station
5. Hand gloves, safety glasses, lab coats, face shield, cryogloves

The tornado shelter

7. The emergency beam stop button in the hutch(es) where you are working
8. Electrical/water/compressed air shutoffs where you are working

Electrical breakout boxes of the hutch/beamline where you are working

Do you know…

10. What number to call in case of an emergency?

How to contact a floor coordinator?

12. Is the ESAF for our experiment posted prior to starting your experiment?