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ID Kohzu Monochromator

ID Monochromator

General Information: The double crystal monochromator at 9-ID is a standard component of the HLD type manufactured by Kohzu Seiki Co. Lt. It is equipped with cryogenically cooled Si(111) first and second crystals and is operated in a fixed-exit beam mode with a 25mm vertical offset between the incident and the exit beams.

Bragg angles: 5 - 42 (degrees)
Height of incident beam: 1400 mm
Height of exit beam: 1425 mm
Beam offset: 25mm upwards
Useful energy range: Si(111): 4.5 keV - 26 keV
  Si(333): 8.9 keV - 26 keV
Ultimate vacuum rate: 1 X 10^(-7) torr

Links: Assembly Diagram | Beamline Location | Double Crystal Geometry


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