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Liquid Surface Scattering (LSS) Spectrometer


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Standard Capabilities:

  1. Reflectivity and Grazing Incident X-ray measurements (8-25KeV, typically)
    • Reflectivity measures surface normal density profile
    • GIXD measures the in-plane structure
  2. Large angular range
    • Required for ultra high resolution, analyzer, anomalous
  3. Precise tracking
    • Required for liquid metal measurements
  4. Two detector set-up (Bicron and PSD with soller slits)
    • Allows easy switch between different measurements
    • Heavy Sample chambers (UHV), weights up to 250 LB
  5. Very bright beam, well focused in vertical and horizontal
  6. Optimized motion control for fast operations

Some Recent Capabilities:

  1. Si (111) asymmetric crystal was designed and commissioned for l=1.3 Å (E=9.54KeV) to defocus the incoming beam horizontally (10-fold) to avoid beam damage and improve sample statistics
  2. Ge (111) asymmetric crystal was designed and commissioned to overcome tracking problems at high energies (~25KeV)
  3. Two dimensional detector (Bruker CCD) now can be mounted for in-plane GIXD measurements
  4. Oxygen sensor was installed to control the oxygen level in the trough
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