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IV. BM Beamline Equipment

Optics | Vacuum Components | Detectors | Electronics | Experimental Equipment | Miscellaneous

A. Optics
1. 9-BM A First Optics Enclosure (FOE) Components
  2. White Beam Slits
3. Monochromator
4. White Beam Absorber
5. Toroidal Mirror
a. Notes
b. Photo
c. Toroidal Mirror Angular Movement
d. Toroidal Mirror Motor Positions
6. Monochromatic Slits (M-Slits)
7. Photon Shutter
8. Beam Transport
9. Secondary Mirror
10. Flag Locations (.pdf)
B. Vacuum Components
1. Ion Pumps
2. Ion Pump Power Supply
3. Gate Valves
4. RGA
5. Differential Pump
C. Detectors
1. Ion Chambers
a. Photo of Ion Chamber Setup
b. BM Ion Chamber Geometry
c. Setup (.pdf)
d. Technical Notes (.pdf)
2. Lytle Detector
3. Solid State Detector
D. Electronics
1. Cable/Patch Panel Layout
a. Computer Version (Large pdf file for great detail on computer; NOT printable)
b. Printable Version
2. Current Amplifier
3. High Voltage Power Supply
4. Joerger Scaler
5. Machine Status Link
6. Voltage to Frequency (VTF) Converter
E. Experimental Equipment
a. Transmission
b. Florescence
c. Loading/Changing Samples (.pdf)
2. B Table
a. Pitching B Table
b. Photo of B Table with Pitch
c. B Table Movement
F. Miscellaneous Equipment
1. Gas Panels
a. Gas Distribution (.pdf)
b. Gas Panel Photo
2. Flag Locations


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