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Sector 7: Research Programs

Sector 7's research program exploits the brilliance of the APS undulator radiation to perform material research studies with high spatial and temporal resolution. Microbeam studies are made using x-ray beam sizes on the submicron-scale, and time-resolved diffraction measurements are carried out with picosecond resolution.

Sector 7's undulator line has experimental enclosures dedicated to both time-resolved and microbeam research. In one of these enclosures (7ID-D), a femtosecond laser facility is set up for ultrafast diffraction and spectroscopy studies in a pump-probe geometry. The 7ID-B hutch is a white beam capable station used for time-resolved phase-contrast imaging and beamline optics development. A third enclosure (7ID-C) is instrumented for high-resolution diffraction studies with a Huber 6-circle diffractometer. The instrument is ideal for thin-film and interface studies, including the recently developed Coherent Bragg Rod Analysis (COBRA) technique. The fs-laser has recently been delivered to 7ID-C so time-resolved laser pump-x-ray probe can be performed in 7ID-C since March 2007. An x-ray streak camera is also being commissioned in 7ID-C. 7ID-C is equipped for microdiffraction studies with a small Huber 4-cicle diffractometer used with zone-plate optics.

The facilities permit studies across a broad range of materials systems, including simple liquids and gases, thin films, polymers, liquid crystals, nanomagnets, semiconductors and ferroelectrics. In support of these research programs, Sector 7 also has an active program of instrumentation development, including ultrafast detectors, x-ray streak cameras, and novel x-ray focusing approaches such high-resolution zone-plates and compound refractive lenses. Sector 7 welcomes additional collaborations and general user participation in these unique experimental capabilities.

Some Research Highlights of work done on 7ID: Some first demonstrations done on 7ID:
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