Subject: Important message from Murray Gibson re the Upcoming BES Review of the APS
From: Richard Fenner
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 15:42:13 -0600
To: CAT Directors
CC: Beamline adminstrator

URGENT: COMPLETE Information on Awards, Invited Talks, Proceedings Submissions, Journal Articles for FY01 through FY04 Needed for Major BES Review of the APS.

Having up-to-date and complete records in the APS Publications Database is important to all of us at the APS.

Murray Gibson has asked me to tell you that this is especially true right now.

In May, the APS will be reviewed by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES). Publications, awards, and invited talks will be one of the primary metrics for the BES evaluation of our program, and APS users and sector management will play a large role in how well the APS fares in this part of the review.

Awards earned by users, invited talks given by users, and user-produced conference proceedings papers are information sets that we are sorely lacking. As a result, the work done at your sector cannot be accurately represented. Users and sector management are often the ONLY source for this particular information.

The APS continuously monitors several databases in order to find journal articles published as a result of work done here. And many APS users and sector management help us by keeping their records up-to-date in the database. However, we may have missed some, and no one knows better than you and your users when an experiment results in a published paper.

Marlene Nowotarski has already spoken in person to many of you here at the facility about this information and your response so far has been gratifying. I’m sending this e-mail as a reminder and to underscore the importance of this request.

We need all of this information (up-to-date journal publications, awards, invited talks, and proceedings articles or abstracts) no later than March 21, 2005.

All of these records can be entered into the Publications Database by users, beamline personnel, or by the APS. If you or your users would like to enter the records, instructions are at:

If you or your users would like us to enter the records, we will be happy to do so. Send the information to

In the case of published articles, if you would like the APS to do the data entry, required information includes the complete reference (or a .pdf file of the paper), the beamline(s) where the work was done and the additional sector[s] involved in the work (where appropriate), and whether or not general user beam time was used.

For awards: Instead of a reference please provide names, dates, and title of the awards.

For invited talks: Instead of reference please provide conference title and location, and date of talk.

Complete information on “Policy and Procedures for Submitting Publications Information to the APS Publications Database” can be found at:

If you have any questions at all, please direct them to

Thank you for your assistance.
Rick Fenner