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Eric Dufresne,
07/2/2002 v1.1


This form is easily available from the web below on the MHATT-CAT/ Safety link:  /Sectors/Sector7/Safety/

1. Clean-up of the labs and the hutches must be a top priority to the experimenters. In general,
one should return the facility to the state it was at the PI's group arrival. Any additional
cleanup after a run is greatly appreciated by the local staff. Please bring the tools and all
borrowed equipment back, all food must be cleaned up in the fridge, all common area and
labs must be cleaned etc...

2.  Shipping one's equipment and samples back to one's institition can be done in three different
     fashions.  For hazardous chemical not included in the small quantity exemption 49 CFR 173.4
     (for this exemption, special packages are available in the stock room), the only
     recommended  shipper  is the Argonne Shipping Department.  the Shipping forms ANL 126C
     must  filled by the User and signed by Eric Dufresne, the Shipping Coordinator.   A valid ANL
     cost code wil be required for such a service.
      For Non-Hazardous shipments, both FEDEX and UPS shipping forms are available.  All
      shipments must be authorized  by Eric Dufresne, the shipping coordinator or his designate.
      The MHATT-CAT staff can help to provide these forms, and might be used as a contact
       for pick-ups only.  As a general rule, they will not pack and ship equipment, but can assist
       with providing packing materials and forms. Dohn Arms is the local expert for Fedex,
       Eric Dufresne for UPS.

3.   The APS requires all of its Principal Investigators to fill an End of Run Summary at the
       end of one's run. You can fill this following the hyperlink:

In order to fill in your EOR summary, you need your ESAF #.
Your ESAF # was:
and the number of shifts that were assigned to your group was:

4  Every year, the APS encourages its user to submit an entry to its annual Activity Report.
     Typically in early May, you will be reminded to help provide some of these Activity Reports
      for your work done at MHATT-CAT.   Past Activity Reports are available below:

5.  The APS requires all its user to provide the User Office with their published work
     in the  APS Publication Database.   This Database is available at the following web site:
      Please also forward your published work to Eric Dufresne and Roy Clarke (
      in order to help them fill out the many grants reports required by DOE.

6.  Proper Acknowledgment of work performed in full or in part at MHATT-CAT and the APS
     must be included in any publications.  The link below gives all the sentences required in the            
acknowledgment section of one's paper.   
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Thanks in advance for your cooperation

Eric Dufresne

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