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Sector 7 Useful Operational Data for Run 3 of FY06

written by Sector 7 staff.
Sector 7
Started Jun 17, 2005

Table of Content:


The work shown below is an account of useful operational data taken during
run 3 of FY06 on 7ID also called 2006-2 by APS. This page will contain useful
stability information on the new 7ID dimond Monochromator and also on the
various repairs and problems identified during the run. It first details the
shutdown activities.

Summary of the June 2006 shutdown activities.

This shutdown, a new diamond 111 monochromator was installed in 7ID-A
and commissioned in the first three weeks of the run.
Follow this link for pictures of the new Mono, etc...

June 10, 2006.

The beamline started to operate today shortly after midnight.
Find an account from Don Walko here.

Useful ELOGs from the summer 2006 run

Lessons learned during run 2 of FY06

It takes quite a bit of time to pump this new monochromator to its ultimate 
base pressure. This is well known.
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