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MHATT-CAT 7ID Schedule


Final 7ID Schedule for Run 3 of FY2004

See this link for APS Operational data and schedules.
Here is the link for the most up to date schedule.

Note that from June 9 to 21, the APS runs in hybrid mode with a large current
singlet. Three separate 324 bunch mode runs are scheduled, May 25-31, July 5-13,and August 18-25.

MHATT-CAT preliminary schedule for the winter of 2004
(FY04-run3 also called 2004-1 by APS)

The (MHATT) label indicates MHATT-CAT beam time. The (staff) flag indicates
beamline staff time. The (PUP) label indicates beam awarded through David 
Reis's Partner User Proposal, and each APS GUP proposal is labelled with its
proper number. The (COMM) label is reserved for commissioning and alignment.

May 25/8am-May 26/4pm(04) (7ID-A)   Beamline offline with failed cryogenics (COMM 4)
May 25/4pm-May 31/8am(14) (7ID-D)   Adams, Landahl, Dufresne (MHATT 10, staff 4)
Jun 01/8am-Jun 07/8am(18) (7ID-D)   Adams, Landahl, Dufresne, (COMM=7,PUP-13=11)
Jun 09/8am-Jun 15/8am(18) (7ID-D)   L. Young (MHATT)
Jun 15/4pm-Jun 21/8am(17) (7ID-D)   L. Young (PUP-13)
Jun 23/8am-Jun 28/4pm(16) (7ID-C)   D. Walko (staff)
Jun 29/8am-Jul 04/8am(15) (7ID-C)   Mirecki (GUP-1507)
Jul 05/8am-Jul 13/8am(24) (7ID-B+C) Walko 6 (staff), COMM 3, Penner-Hahn 15 GUP-1964
Jul 13/4pm-Jul 19/8am(17) (7ID-D) D. Arms (staff)
Jul 21/4pm-Jul 26/8am(16) (7ID-D) D. Reis (PUP-13) 
Jul 27/8am-Aug 02/8am(18) (7ID-B) GUP 2572 K. Fezzaa 18
Aug 04/8am-Aug 10/8am(18) (7ID-C) GUP-306 P. Evans 
Aug 10/4pm-Aug 17/4pm(21) (7ID-B) R. Livingston GUP-77 21
Aug 18/8am-Aug 26/0am(23) (7ID-D) COMM 5, GUP-2459 E. Dufresne 18

total                    239 shifts
operation allowance (8%)  19 shifts (4+7+3+5=19)
GUP baseline       (92%) 220 shifts 

PUP (20% of 92%)          44 shifts  (17+16+11=44
Staff (20% of 92%)        44 shifts  (16+6+17+5=43)
MHATT-CAT (15% of 92%)    33 shifts  (10+18=28)
GUP       (45% of 92%)    99 shifts  (18+18+18+15+15+21=105)

Last updated by Eric Dufresne on 11/05/2004.
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