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MHATT-CAT 7ID Schedule


7ID Schedule for Run 1 of FY2003

See this link for the most current APS schedule.

Note that the source is shutdown for the Thanksgiving holiday between 
Nov.  28/0am - Nov  29/8am (4  shifts). 
Note that from Nov 29 to Dec 9, the APS will be run in hybrid mode with

MHATT-CAT preliminary schedule for the fall of 2002 (FY03-run1)

Oct   9/8am  - Oct  14/4pm Beamline commissioning (D. Arms,D. Walko)
Oct  15/4pm -  Oct 21/8am  Al Macrander
Oct  23/8am -  Oct 29/8am  Eric Dufresne
Oct  29/4pm -  Nov  4/8am  Roy Clarke and Rachel Goldman
Nov   6/8am -  Nov 18/8am  Yizhak Yacoby
Nov  20/8am -  Nov 28/0am  Don Walko and Roy Clarke
Nov  29/8am -  Dec  9/8am  Bernhard Adams
Dec  11/8am -  Dec 20/0am  David Reis

Last updated by Eric Dufresne on 11/14/2002.
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