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Sector 7: User Information & Getting Beamtime

There are three ways to request beamtime to perform an experiment on APS-7ID. One can request beam time as an APS General User, as an APS Partner User, or one can contact a staff member of Sector 7 to work collaboratively with them using a small amount of staff time to gather preliminary data. 80% of the available beamtime on 7ID is given to General and Partner Users, while 20% is reserved for staff use. Beam time is allocated and announced by email shortly before the start of an experimental run.

In October 2002, beamline 7ID welcomed its first APS General Users (GU). To gain access to 7ID, General or Partner Users are required to submit a proposal to the APS GU Website by the specified deadline. Sucessful proposals will be scheduled for the next cycle following the proposal deadline. There are three proposal cycles per year with deadlines about two months before the start of a run. The deadlines and General User forms are available on the web through the APS General User Web site. Specific instructions for new General Users are available on the site. These instructions can be helpful also for new APS Users in general.

If one misses the deadline, it is still worth submitting a proposal since it is possible that the beamline may be able to accomodate the GU on a short term basis. The Sector 7 managing team is committed to giving access to its facility for good ideas leading to outstanding science. While filling a GU proposal for 7ID, if one needs assistance with technical capabilities of the beamline, please do not hesitate to contact Don Walko, Eric Dufresne or another sector 7 scientific staff member. Note that the 7ID General User Administrator is Don Walko. He is in charge of scheduling the 7ID beamline.

The 7-BM beamline is currently being commissioned and is not accepting general users. Commissioning is expected to end during FY 2012. For questions regarding the technical capabilities of the 7-BM beamline, please contact Alan Kastengren (ANL-ES) or Eric Dufresne (XSD).

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