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8. Equipment Protection System (EPS)

The equipment protection system (EPS) protects the components of the undulator beamline 6ID of damage by monitoring the state of all necessary components. Most of the components belong to the 6ID-B Main Station or both stations. In this chapter only a brief overview of the components of the side station which are protected by the EPS is given. The EPS itself should only be operated by staff personnal therefore this chapter is not intended to give an introduction.

Table 8.1: List of the inputs for the EPS. The first row shows the internal number of the inputs used by the EPS Computer. The input controller used for the 6ID-D Side Station equipment has 32 channels, the channels used are shown in the second row.
I:7/0 0 Filter Position Filter Position
I:7/1 1 Love Controller 1 Water cooling filter
I:7/2 2 Love Controller 2 Water cooling mask
I:7/3 3 Love Controller 3 Water cooling Monochromator crystal 1
I:7/4 4 Love Controller 4 Temperature downstream side of white beam mask
I:7/5 5 pressure gauge 1 pressure monochromator tank 1
I:7/6 6 pressure gauge 2 not used
I:7/7 7 pressure gauge 3 pressure monochromator tank 3

In the moment there are seven inputs to the EPS from the sidestation as listed in table 8.1.

Table 8.2: Internally used binary registers by the EPS computer.
B3:8/5 B3/133 fault_love_side_1
B3:8/6 B3/134 fault_love_side_2
B3:8/7 B3/135 fault_love_side_3
B3:8/8 B3/136 fault_love_side_4
B3:2/8 B3/040 IG5_A_Fault
B3:2/9 B3/041 Fault_Vac_side_2
B3:1/4 B3/020 Filter_Fault

The tables 8.2 and 8.3 are included for completeness for the case that changes to the EPS program have to be made by staff personal.

Table 8.3: Internally used output registers by the EPS computer.
O:5.1/08 O:5/024 Fault_love_S1_live
O:5.1/09 O:5/025 Fault_love_S1_latch
O:5.1/10 O:5/026 Fault_love_S2_live
O:5.1/11 O:5/027 Fault_love_S2_latch
O:5.1/12 O:5/028 Fault_love_S3_live
O:5.1/13 O:5/029 Fault_love_S3_latch
O:5.7/10 O:5/122 Fault_filter_live
O:5.7/11 O:5/123 Fault_filter_latch
O:5.7/12 O:5/124 IG5_A_Fault_live
O:5.7/13 O:5/125 IG5_A_Fault_latch
O:5.7/14 O:5/126 Fault_vac_side2_live
O:5.7/15 O:5/127 Fault_vac_side2_latch

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