Printing to beamline printer from guest network

Connections to the beamline printers can be made throught the APS firewall if a user needs to print a paper or plot. Access to the printers can be made by setting up an IP printer on a user's laptop. The insturctions for setting up an IP printer and the IP numbers for the printers on sectors 4 and 6 are given below.


Setting up an IP printer
How to setup an IP printer varies by the OS that you are using on your printer


IP numbers for printers in Sectors 4 and 6
The printers in sector 4 have the following IP addresses:
Printer Name IP #
C-line printer xor4pbw1
D-line color printer cp4id
D-line B&W printer xor4bw2
LOM color printer s4lomcp
LOM B&W printer xor4bw

The printers in sector 6 have the following IP addresses:
Printer Name IP #
B-station B&W printer bwp6idb
B-station Color printer cp6idb
C-station B&W printer bwp6off1
D-station Color printer cp6idd
LOM Color printer cp6off
LOM B&W Canon Copier bwp6off2

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