Reseting an BLEPS Trip (worstation interface)
  1. Bring up main beamline MEDM screen.
  2. Look at BLEPS MEDM screen for station which is in fault condition and determine which component caused the fault.
  3. Reset fault.
  4. If fault was a vacuum fault, open vacuum gate valves after resetting it in step above.


1. Main beamline status MEDM screen:

   A trip of the BLEPS system can be reset from same computer that you are using for data aquistion. To do this, either bring up the main beamline status shown below or go to the workspace labeled "EPS/PSS" on the center screen. An BLEPS fault would show up as a red indicator on any of the BLEPS status lights on the bottom of the screen. If the BLEPS horn is sounding you can press the "Silence Horn" button to turn this off. You can attempt to reset the BLEPS system at this point by pressing the "Reset EPS" button. If the red indicator does not go green like in the picture below, you need to determine the cause of the fault. You can do this by bringing up the BLEPS screen for the station which indicates a fault.

2. Station fault indicator screen
  &nbsp An BLEPS interface screen for an idividual station is shown below. Which ever component is in fault would have a blue (water), yellow (temperature), or green (vacuum) indicator above the component. If the fault is a water or temperature fault and does not reset by pressing the button above, contact a beamline staff person. If it a vacuum fault and you still can not take beam after clearing it you, need to open gate valves. These valves are closed to prevent the propogation of bad vacuum in case of a true leak. Most frequently, however, these are just temporary vacuum spikes and you can simply open the gate valves . You can access the valve interface using the "Valves" button on the top of this screen.

3. Valve interface screen

  &nbsp The interface screen for opening /closing the vacuum gate valves is shown below. This screen is showing two closed valves that need to be opened. Simply press the "open" button on both of these valves. If the fault has not been cleared by hitting the reset button a yellow box will appear indicating that the permission to open this valve has not been granted. If permission to open the valve is not granted after pressing "Reset EPS" then the vacuum is out of the programed range and you will need to call one of the beam line staff to determine the problem.

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