Gilberto Fabbris

Washington University in St. Louis
Department of Physics - Compton Hall
1 Brooking Drive - Campus Box 1105
St. Louis, MO 63130


Argonne National Laboratory
9700 S. Cass Ave
Argonne, Il 60439

Phone: 773-234-7601



  • 2010-present: PhD Student, Washington University in St Louis, St. Louis-MO, and Argonne National
    Laboratory, Argonne, IL
  • 2008-2009: University of Campinas and Brazilian Synchrotron Laboratory, Brazil. M.Sc. in Physics
  • 2004-2007: University of Campinas and Brazilian Synchrotron Laboratory, Brazil. B.Sc. in Physics

Research Interests:

  • Magnetism and superconductivity under pressure.

Selected Publications:

  1. "Synchrotron x-ray spectroscopy studies of valence and magnetic state in europium metal to extreme pressures,"
    W. Bi, N.M. Souza-Neto, D. Haskel, G. Fabbris, E.E. Alp, J. Zhao, R.G. Hennig, M.M. Abd-Elmeguid, Y. Meng, R.W. McCallum, K. Dennis, J.S. Schilling, Phys. Rev. B  85, 205134 (2012).
  2. "Pressure Tuning of the Spin-Orbit Coupled Ground State in Sr2IrO4",
    D. Haskel, G. Fabbris, Mikhail Zhernenkov, P.P. Kong, C.Q. Jin, G. Cao, M. van Veenendaal, Phys. Rev. Lett.  109, 027204 (2012).
  3. "Stability of the ferromagnetic ground state of La2MnNiO6 against large compressive stress,"
    D. Haskel, G. Fabbris, N.M. Souza-Neto, M. van Veenendaal, G. Shen, A.E. Smith, M.A. Subramanian, Phys. Rev. B  84, 100403(R) (2011).

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