Enhanced magnetic ordering at a buried Gd/Fe interface

Magnetic specular reflectivity, i.e., the difference in reflectivity for opposite helicities of CP x-rays measured at resonance, probes the element-specific magnetization density profile. The figure shows specular reflectivity (top) and magnetic specular reflectivity (bottom) data measured on a [Gd/Fe]15 multilayer at the Gd L2 resonance (E=7929 eV) and T=300K. Top inset shows the scattering geometry and bottom inset shows the derived magnetic structure of the Gd layers, including charge and magnetic roughness. Although bulk Gd is paramagnetic at 300K, a 4.1(7)Å region near the Gd/Fe interface remains fully magnetized due to its contact interaction with magnetized Fe at the interface. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 207201 (2001)]

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