Sector4 - Safety

Sector 4 operates within the safety regulations of the Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory and the APS itself, supplemented where appropriate by guidelines from other agencies or safety authorities. As such, it is the local beamline staff's (and the APS's) responsiblility that all experiments are conducted at 4-ID beamlines are done in a safe manner in compliace with these rules.

All experiments conducted on sector 4 beamlines must have an approved safety form before the start of their beam time. Each PI should submit an Experimental Safety Assesment Form (ESAF) through the APS web site after their proposal has been scheduled for beam time. This form must then be approved both by an APS safety coordinator and the a sector 4 staff member prior to the experiment's scheduled dates. The PI will be contacted if any issues arise concerning their experiment.

If you are bringing a sample or chemical considered hazardous, please see our shipping page for the proper way to bring it onto the APS site.

Safety Documents
  • APS Safety Information -APS experiment safety envelopes, training requirements, reference documents, user training courses and experimental safety forms.
  • APS Material Safety Data Sheets - ANL Chemical Management System application (CMS) which stores and manages information about the chemicals used at the Laboratory. CMS is a two-part system consisting of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) system and the Chemical Tracking (CTS) system.
  • Sector 4 Safety Plan Sector 4 safety procedures (PDF Format)
  • ANL Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) Manual- (Argonne access only)- Chapters and table of contents, searchable by chapter title, revision date, and full text.

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