Common SPEC Commands (Macros)

Command Function Call sequence
Counting Macros
ct [uct] Counts for specified time [same with update]. ct time
counters Select DET (to plot during scan) and MON counters [mon det]
plotselect Select multiple detectors to plot during scan. plotselect [det1 det2 …]
Moving Macros
mv, [umv] Move a motor to a position [with updating] mv mot pos
mvr, [umvr] Move a motor relative amount [with updating] mv mot del
tw, [tw2] tweak a motor [2 motors]. tw mot dist
wa Show all motor positions wa
wm Show position of specific motor wm mot
lm Set limits for motor lm mot high low
set Set motor position to given value set mot val
Scanning Macros
ascan Singe motor absolute scan. ascan mot start finish steps time
a2scan, a3scan, a4.. Multimotor absolute scans. a2scan m1 s1 f1 m2 s2 f2 steps time
dscan Singe motor absolute scan. dscan mot -del +del steps time
d2scan, d3scan, d4.. Multimotor relative scans. d2scan m1 s1 f1 m2 s2 f2 steps time
lup Relative scan and return to center lup mot -del +del steps time
th2th Theta/ 2Theta relative scan th2th -delth +delth steps time
hscan,kscan,lscan Reciprocal space scans along (H,K,L). hscan start finish steps time
hklscan Recirpocal space scan along any (H,K,L). hklscan hs hf ks kf ls lf steps time
mesh Two dimensional nested motor scan mesh mot1 s1 f1 n1 mot2 s2 f2 n2 time
Escan Energy scan, add "fixQ" to track reflection. Escan Estart Efinish steps time [fixQ]
resume continue a scan that has been aborted resume
Recirpocal space Macros
wh show current (H,K,L) position wh
ca calculate motor positions for (H,K,L) ca H K L
br, ubr Move to given (H,K,L) postion [with updating] br H K L
or0 [or1] Defines primary [secondary] reflect to current pos. or0
setor0 [setor1] Defines primary [secondary] reflection (interactively). setor0
setlat Set lattce parameters setlat [a b c alpha beta gamma]
setmode Set conversion mode. setmode [mode]
uan Move Theta & Two Theta to position uan th_pos tth_pos
Miscellaneous macros
getE Display current energy getE
moveE Move to specified energy moveE E
te Change setpoint temp. or no arguments shows temp. te [set_temp]
do/qdo Execute a script file; Read macro definitions. do filename
splot replot last scan (use plotselect to change dets). splot

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