Recent 4-ID-D Publications

"Sr2Ir1−xRhxO4(x < 0.5): An inhomogeneous jeff = 1/2 Hubbard system,"
Shalinee Chikara, Daniel Haskel, Jae-Hoon Sim, Heung-Sik Kim, Cheng-Chien Chen, G. Fabbris, L.S.I. Veiga, N.M. Souza-Neto, J. Terzic, K. Butrouna, G. Cao, Myung Joon Han, Michel van Veenendaal, Phys. Rev. B  92, 081114 (2015).

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"Direct probe of Fermi surface evolution across a pressure-induced quantum phase transition,"
Yejun Feng, A. Palmer, Yishu Wang, D.M. Silevitch, T.F. Rosenbaum, Phys. Rev. B  91, 155142 (2015).

"Ground-state wave function of plutonium in PuSb as determined via x-ray magnetic circular dichroism,"
M. Janoschek, D. Haskel, J. Fernandez-Rodriguez, M. van Veenendaal, J. Rebizant, G.H. Lander, J.-X. Zhu, J.D. Thompson, E.D. Bauer, Phys. Rev. B  91, 035117 (2015).

"Electronic structure, local magnetism, and spin-orbit effects of Ir(IV)-, Ir(V)-, and Ir(VI)-based compounds,"
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"Magnetic ordering at anomalously high temperatures in Dy at extreme pressures,"
J. Lim, G. Fabbris, D. Haskel, J.S. Schilling, Phys. Rev. B  91, 045116 (2015).

"Anomalous pressure dependence of magnetic ordering temperature in Tb revealed by resistivity measurements to 141 GPa: Comparison with Gd and Dy,"
J. Lim, G. Fabbris, D. Haskel, J.S. Schilling, Phys. Rev. B  91, 174428 (2015).

"Depth-resolved magnetic and structural analysis of relaxing epitaxial Sr2CrReO6,"
J.M. Lucy, A.J. Hauser, Y. Liu, H. Zhou, Y. Choi, D. Haskel, S.G.E. te Velthuis, F.Y. Yang, Phys. Rev. B  91, 094413 (2015).

"Competing Superexchange Interactions in Double Perovskite Osmates,"
Ryan C. Morrow, Ph.D.-Thesis, Ohio State University, 2015.

"Effects of chemical pressure on the magnetic ground states of the osmate double perovskites SrCaCoOsO6 and Ca2CoOsO6,"
Ryan Morrow, Jiaqiang Yan, Michael A. McGuire, John W. Freeland, Daniel Haskel, Patrick M. Woodward, Phys. Rev. B  92, 094435 (2015).

"Hyperhoneycomb Iridate [beta-Li2IrO3 as a Platform for Kitaev Magnetism,"
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"Itinerant Ferromagnetism in the As 4p Conduction Band of Ba0.6K0.4Mn2As2 Identified by X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism,"
B.G. Ueland, Abhishek Pandey, Y. Lee, A. Sapkota, Y. Choi, D. Haskel, R.A. Rosenberg, J.C. Lang, B.N. Harmon, D.C. Johnston, A. Kreyssig, A.I. Goldman, Phys. Rev. Lett.  114, 217001 (2015).

"Novel Electronic Behavior Driving NdNiO3 Metal-Insulator Transition,"
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"Fragility of ferromagnetic double exchange interactions and pressure tuning of magnetism in 3d-5d double perovskite Sr2FeOsO6,"
LS.I. Veiga, G. Fabbris, M. van Veenendaal, N.M. Souza-Neto, H.L. Feng, K. Yamaura, D. Haskel, Phys. Rev. B  91, 235135 (2015).

"Interplay between magnetism and superconductivity by X-ray spectroscopies and electronic structure simulations,"
Larissa Sayuri Ishib Viega, Ph.D.-Thesis, Universidade Estadual de Campinas , 2015.

"Interplay of disorder and geometrical frustration in doped gadolinium gallium garnet,"
N. Woo, D.M. Silevitch, C. Ferri, S. Ghosh, T.F. Rosenbaum, J. Phys. Condens. Matter  27, 296001 (2015).

"Physical properties and magnetic structure of the intermetallic CeCuBi2 compound,"
C. Adriano, P.F.S. Rosa, C.B.R. Jesus, J.R.L. Mardegan, T.M. Garitezi, T. Grant, Z. Fisk, D.J. Garcia, A.P. Reyes, P.L. Kuhns, R.R. Urbano, C. Giles, P.G. Pagliuso, Phys. Rev. B  90, 235120 (2014).

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"Reflectivity Studies of Magnetic Heterostructures,"
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"Tuning Electronic Correlation with Pressure,"
Gilberto Fabbris, Ph.D.-Thesis, Washington University in St. Louis, 2014.

"Hidden one-dimensional spin modulation in a three-dimensional metal,"
Yejun Feng, Jiyang Wang, A. Palmer, J.A. Aguiar, B. Mihaila, J.-Q. Yan, P.B. Littlewood, T.F. Rosenbaum, Nat. Commun.  5, 4218 (2014).

"Emergence of long-range order in sheets of magnetic dimers,"
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"Proximity effects on dimensionality and magnetic ordering in Pd/Fe/Pd trialyers,"
Thomas P.A. Hase, Matthew S. Brewer, Unnar B. Arnalds, Martina Ahlberg, Vassilios Kapaklis, Matts Bjorck, Laurence Bouchenoire, Paul Thompson, Daniel Haskel, Yongseong Choi, Jonathan Lang, Cecilia Sanchez-Hanke, Bjorgvin Hjorvarsson, Phys. Rev. B  90, 104403 (2014).

"Magnetic structure in epitaxially strained Sr2CrReO6 thin films by element-specific XAS and XMCD,"
Adam J. Hauser, Jeremy M. Lucy, Michael W. Gaultois, Molly R. Ball, Jennifer R. Soliz, Yongseong Choi, Oscar D. Restrepo, Wolfgang Windl, John W. Freeland, Daniel Haskel, Patrick M. Woodward, Fengyuan Yang, Phys. Rev. B  89, 180402(R) (2014).

"Robust ferromagnetism in the compressed permanent magnet Sm2Co17,"
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"Different response of transport and magnetic properties of BaIrO3 to chemical and physical pressure,"
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"Origin of the volume collapse under pressure in elemental Dy,"
J. Lim, G. Fabbris, D. Haskel, J.S. Schilling, J. Phys. Conf. Series  500, 192009 (2014).

"Studies of intermetallic compounds with cages investigated by spectroscopy and X-rays diffraction,"
Jose R.L. Mardegan, Ph.D.-Thesis, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, 2014.

"Competition between heavy fermion and Kondo interaction in isoelectronic A-site-ordered perovskites,"
D. Meyers, S. Middey, J.-G. Cheng, Swarnakamal Mukherjee, B.A. Gray, Yanwei Cao, J.-S. Zhou, J.B. Goodenough, Yongseong Choi, D. Haskel, J.W. Freeland, T. Saha-Dasgupta, J. Chakhalian, Nat. Commun.  5, 5818 (2014).

"Polar Cation Ordering: A Route to Introducing >10% Bond Strain Into Layered Oxide Films,"
Brittany B. Nelson-Cheeseman, Hua Zhou, Prasanna V. Balachandran, Gilberto Fabbris, Jason Hoffman, Daniel Haskel, James M. Rondinelli, Anand Bhattacharya, Adv. Funct. Mater.  24, 6884 (2014).

"Liquidlike correlations in single-crystalline Y2Mo2O7: An unconventional spin glass,"
H.J. Silverstein, K. Fritsch, F. Flicker, A.M. Hallas, J.S. Gardner, Y. Qiu, G. Ehlers, A.T. Savici, Z. Yamani, K.A. Ross, B.D. Gaulin, M.J.P. Gingras, J.A.M. Paddison, K. Foyevtsova, R. Valenti, F. Hawthorne, C.R. Wiebe, H.D. Zhou, Phys. Rev. B  89, 054433 (2014).

"Investigation of the magnetic properties of non-thiolated Au nano-structures grown by laser ablation,"
Chenlin Zhao, Ph.D.-Thesis, Virginia Tech, 2014.

"Classical and quantum phase transitions revealed using transport and x-ray measurements,"
Arnab Banerjee, Ph.D.-Thesis, University of Chicago, 2013.

"Charge transfer and multiple density waves in the rare earth tellurides,"
A. Banerjee, Yejun Feng, D.M. Silevitch, Jiyang Wang, J.C. Lang, H.-H. Kuo, I.R. Fisher, T.F. Rosenbaum, Phys. Rev. B  87, 155131 (2013).

"Magnetic Interactions in Systems with Reduced Dimensionality,"
Matthew Brewer, Ph.D.-Thesis, University of Warwick, 2013.

"Local structure, stripe pinning, and superconductivity in La1.875Ba0.125CuO4 at high pressure,"
G. Fabbris, M. Hücker, G.D. Gu, J.M. Tranquada, D. Haskel, Phys. Rev. B  88, 060507(R) (2013).

"Different routes to pressure-induced volume collapse transitions in gadolinium and terbium metals,"
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"Modification of magnetic anisotropy through 3d-4f coupling in La0.75Pr0.25Co2P2,"
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"Pt Magnetic Polarization on Y3Fe5O12 and Magnetotransport Characteristics,"
Y.M. Lu, Y. Choi, C.M. Ortega, X.M. Cheng, J.W. Cai, S.Y. Huang, L. Sun, C.L. Chien, Phys. Rev. Lett.  110, 147207 (2013).

"Structural Distortion and Magnetic Order in the Intermetallic Eu3Ir4Sn13 Compound,"
Jose R.L. Mardegan, Nadir Aliouane, Leticia N. Coelho, Oscar Agüero, Eduardo M. Bittar, Jonathan C. Lang, Pascoal G. Pagliuso, Iris L. Torriani, Carlos Giles, IEEE T. Magn.  49, 4652 (2013).

"Pressure-induced amorphization and collapse of magnetic order in the type-I clathrate Eu8Ga16Ge30,"
J.R.L. Mardegan, G. Fabbris, L.S.I. Veiga, C. Adriano, M.A. Avila, D. Haskel, C. Giles, Phys. Rev. B  88, 144105 (2013).

"Exchange bias and asymmetric magnetization reversal in ultrathin Fe films grown on GaAs (001) substrates,"
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"Electronic contribution to the enhancement of the ferromagnetic ordering temperature by Si substitution in Gd5(SixGe1−x)4,"
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"Competitive Sorption of Pb(II) and Zn(II) on Polyacrylic Acid-Coated Hydrated Aluminum-Oxide Surfaces,"
Yingge Wang, F. Marc Michel, Clement Levard, Yong Choi, Peter J. Eng, Gordon E. Brown, Jr., Environ. Sci. Technol.  47, 12131 (2013).

"Pressure-induced volume collapse and structural phase transitions in SrRuO3,"
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"Interfacial magnetic coupling between Fe nanoparticles in Fe–Ag granular alloys,"
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