Beamline 4-ID-C

Beamline 4-ID-C is operated by the Magnetic Materials Group in the X-ray Science Division (XSD) of the Advanced Photon Source.

Research on this beamline focuses on the study of magnetic properties of interfaces and dilute systems using x-ray spectroscopy techniques at energies between 500 to 2500 eV.

Recent Research Highlights

Novel Materials Become Multifunctional at the Ultimate Quantum Limit

November 9, 2012

Research at beamline 4-ID-C has shown that by using complex oxides with correlated electrons confined to quantum well geometry, a new dimension can be added to the mix, moving us closer to everyday electronics that become smaller and faster than they are today.

Contacts: Jaq Chakhalian - Univ. of Arkansas; John Freeland APS/ANL

Local Contacts:

David Keavney (XMCD, X-PEEM) 630.252.7893
Richard A. Rosenberg (XPS, XEOL) 630.252.6112
John Freeland (XMCD, XRMS) 630.252.9614

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