IEX Milestones(4/21/2014)

• Spring 2012

✓ Completion of the IEX EM-VPU insertion device (photos)
✓ Installation of EM-VPU in the storage ring (photo1, photo2)
✓ Installation of high heat-load mirrors M0/M1 (photo)

• Summer 2012

✓ Testing of various polarization mode of EM-VPU with stored beam
✓ Installation of vacuum transport, support tables and diagnostic component; implementation of beamline controls and safety systems

(cleanroom, FOE progress, FOE progress2)

• Fall 2012

FDR approval (October 15)
✓ Installation of first optical enclosure components (photo)
✓ First light and testing of white/pink beam components (photo1, photo2)

• Winter/Spring 2013 - White beam commissioning

✓ Alignment of mirrors with synchrotron beam
✓ Installation and alignment of support tables (photo)
✓ Installation of Monochromator chamber (photo1, photo2, photo3, photo4)
✓ Presidential visit (overview, Presidentail view)
✓ Completion of work area enclosure/control room
✓ Began installation of RSXS endstation (photo)

• Summer 2013 - Build out full beamline

✓ Begin characterization of insertion device
✓ Finish installation of beamline components including all vacuum components (photo)

• Fall 2013 - Finalize Installation and beamline controls

✓ Install gratings and mirror in mono chamber

• Winter 2014 - Begin full beamline commissioning

✓ Energy dispersed beam imaged on YAG screen (movie)

• Summer 2014 - Finalize endstation installation

- Finish installation of endstations
- Install refocussing optics

• Winter 2015 - Expected start of general user program

Local Contacts:

Jessica Mcchesney (ARPES, RSXS) 630.252.7107
Fanny Rodolakis Simoes (RSXS, ARPES) 630.252.6817

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