Advanced Photon Source User Activity Report

UNI-CAT, A University-National Laboratory-Industry Collaborative Access Team



Anomalous synchrotron x-ray scattering studies of local fluctuations in a Pb(Nb2/3Mg1/3)O3 single crystal
A. Tkachuk, H. Chen, P. Zshack, and E. Colla

Atomic structures of As/Si(111)-(1 x 1) by normal and anomalous crystal truncation rods
H. Hong, M. Holt, Z. Wu, P. Zschack, P. Jemian, H. Chen, and T.-C. Chiang

A USAXS study of filler dispersion in orthopaedic cement
A. Gomoll, A. Bellare, W. Fitz, R.D. Scott, and T.S. Thornhill

Characterization of phonon softening in the TiSe2 charge density wave transition via x-ray scattering
M. Holt, Z. Wu, H. Hong, P. Zschack, P. Jemian, J. Tischler, H. Chen, M.Y. Chou, and T.-C. Chiang

Depletion restabilization of colloidal silica
V. Tohver, J. Lewis, P.R. Jemian, and G.G. Long

Determination of phonon dispersions from x-ray transmission scattering:  the example of silicon
M. Holt, Z. Wu, H. Hong, P. Zschack, P. Jemian, J.Z. Tischler, H. Chen, and T.-C. Chiang

Evolving microstructures during creep cavitation
P.R. Jemian, G.G. Long, F. Lofaj, and S. Wiederhorn

Grazing-incidence small-angle x-ray scattering from Ge islands on Si(100)
H. Hong, P. Zschack, P. Jemian, and J. Ilavsky

Inelastic resonant K scattering near threshold
G.E. Ice , C.J. Sparks, and P. Zschack

In situtime-resolved x-ray scattering study of pulsed-laser deposition thin-film growth
J.Z. Tischler, G. Eres, M. Yoon, B.C. Larson, C.M. Rouleau, D.H. Lowndes, T.-C. Chiang, and P. Zschack

In situx-ray diffraction study of PLD growth of ZnO-Al2O3
B.C. Larson, J.Z. Tischler, G. Eres, D.H. Lowndes, J.D. Budai, and P. Zschack

Mass-fractal nature of organic pigments
G. Beaucage, L. Clapp, J. Ilavsky, P. Jemian, D.J. Kohls, G. Long, R.J. Schwartz, and G. Skillas

Nondestructive measurement of near-surface residual stress levels versus depth in an induction-hardened sample and a shot-peened sample
R.D. England, T.R. Watkins, and N. Jayaraman

Resonant magnetic x-ray scattering study of K2ReBr6
M.D. Lumsden, S.E. Nagler, D.M. Mandrus, and P. Zschack

Salt effects on the early stages of formation of Stöber silica particles
H. Boukari, D. Green, and M.T. Harris

Streaked coherent x-ray diffraction from antiphase domains in Cu3Au thin films
I.K. Robinson, J.A. Pitney, and I.A. Vartaniants

Structure of precipitated silica
C. Chen, D. Schaefer, and G. Beaucage

X-ray microbeam investigation of the depth dependence of ion-implantion induced defects in Si
M. Yoon, B.C. Larson, J.Z. Tischler, T.E. Haynes, and P. Zschack

X-ray scattering studies of structural changes in swollen macromolecular networks after abrupt temperature changes
J. Ilavsky and M. Ilavsky

Ultrasmall-angel x-ray scattering on the UNI-CAT instrument at the APS
G.G. Long, A.J. Allen, J. Ilavsky, P.R. Jemian, and P. Zschack

USAXS studies of calcium-silicate-hydrate gel in cement
A.J. Allen, J.J. Thomas, and H.M. Jennings