Advanced Photon Source User Activity Report

PNC-CAT, Pacific Nothwest Consortium Collaborative Access Team

20- BM


Chemical short-range order and magnetic anisotropy in CoPt3 alloy films
J.O. Cross, M. Newville, V.G. Harris, A.L. Shapiro, and F. Hellman

Chemical speciation of gold in arsenopyrites by micro-x-ray analysis
R. Gordon, E.D. Crozier, L. Cabri, M. Newville, S. Sutton, D. Jiang, and G. McMahon

Differential anomalous x-ray scattering from aqueous solution at the PNC-CAT
E.A. Stern, G.T. Seidler, N. Sicron, and B.D. Chapman

Distorted iron films on GaAs (001)-(4 x 6)
R. Gordon, E.D. Crozier, D. Jiang, T. Monchesky, and B. Heinrich

Grain-by-grain reconstruction of granular bed from x-ray microtomography data
G. Martinez, L.H. Seeley, and G.T. Seidler

Imaging and micro-XAFS of hydrothermal solutions in a diamond reactor cell
J.L. Fulton, M.M. Hoffmann, and J.G. Darab

In situ XAFS studies of redox chemistry in hydrothermal chromium solutions
M.M. Hoffmann, J.G. Darab, and J.L. Fulton

In situ XAFS study of Fe epitaxially grown by MBE on GaAs(001)-4 x 6
D. Jiang, R. Gordon, E.D. Crozier, T. Monchesky, and B. Heinrich

Localized phase transformations by x-ray-induced heating
R.A. Rosenberg, Q. Ma, W. Farrell, E.D. Crozier, G.J. Soerensen, R.A. Gordon, and D.-T. Jiang

Microscopic imaging of reduced zones on surfaces
J.E. Amonette, K.M. Rosso, D.E. Brewe, S.M. Heald, and Y.A. Gorby

Micro-XRF/XAS study of uranyl incorporation on calcite 1014 growth surfaces
R.J. Reeder, M. Nugent, K.M. Beck, and S. Heald

Mn K-edge and Pb L3-edge XAFS studies of Leptothrix discophora
A. Jürgensen, J. King, R. Gordon, D. Jiang, L. Bendell-Young, M. Moore, and E.D. Crozier

Point defect production by monochromatic x-rays above and below the K-absorption edges in KBr and RbBr
F.C. Brown, S.M. Heald, D.L. Brewe, D. Jiang, K.H. Kim, and E.A. Stern

XAFS investigations of transition metal transport in two-phase (liquid + vapor) hydrothermal fluids
A. Anderson, R. Mayanovic, D. Jiang, M. Frank, and P. Candela

XAFS on exfoliated single-layer WS2, MoS2 and MoSe2
R. Gordon, D. Yang, E.D. Crozier, D. Jiang, and R. Frindt

XAFS study of nanocrystalline TiO2-(MoO3) core-shell materials
S.H. Elder, S.M. Heald, F.M. Cot, Y. Su, Y. Gao, M.L. Balmer, and A.C. Kolwaite

X-ray microprobe analysis of a mineral crystal
R. Cavell and D. Jiang

X-ray microtomography of the vascular canal network in permineralized Triceratops bone
L. Atkins, E. Behne, G. Martinez, J. Rensberger, and G.T. Seidler

X-ray microtomography study of a model crumpled membrane
G.T. Seidler, E. Behne, L.J. Atkins, and A. Rendahl

X-ray probes of the uptake of metal ions by CaCO3
K.M. Beck, S.M. Heald, and W.P. Hess