Advanced Photon Source User Activity Report

MR-CAT, Materials Research Collaborative Access Team


A bent Laue analyzer detection system for dilute fluorescence XAFS
C. Karanfil, Z. Zhong, L.D. Chapman, R. Fischetti, C.U. Segre, B.A. Bunker, and G.B. Bunker

Binding of Cd ions to the cell wall of B. Subtilis - an EXAFS study
M. Boyanov, D. Fowle, K. Kemner, B. Bunker, and J. Fein

Crystal structure of a new polymorph of sulfabenzamide
J. Kaduk, S. Maginn, J. Cole, and K. Shankland

Crystal structures of BaSrRTaO6 (R = Tm, Lu)
J. Kaduk and W. Wong-Ng

EXAFS and XANES of plutonium and uranium edges from titanate ceramics for fissile materials disposition
J.A. Fortner, A.J. Kropf, R.J. Finch, M.C. Hash, S.B. Aase, and D.B. Chamberlain

Formation of cyanide bridged networks at the air/water interface
J. Culp, G. Weerasekera, D.R. Talham, and R. Duran

Grazing incidence XAFS of lead adsorbed underneath fatty acid langmuir monolayers
M. Boyanov, A. Datta, T. Shibata, J. Kmetko, B. Bunker, and P. Dutta

Grazing incident diffraction on Langmuir monolayers
G. Weerasekera, J. Culp, D.R. Talham, and R. Duran

Harmonic selection by a bent Laue crystal
C. Karanfil, L.D. Chapman, G.B. Bunker, C.U. Segre, and N.E. Leyarovska

Molecular layering of a liquid at a smooth solid surface
C.-J. Yu, A. Richter, J. Kmetko, A. Datta, and P. Dutta

MX at the Advanced Photon Source
W. Lavender

Ordering of liquids near solid interfaces
D. Lahiri, T. Shibata, S. Cheong, M. Boyanov, and B. Bunker

Phase transformation kinetics in U-Mo-Pt alloys
L. Leibowitz, A.J. Kropf, and M.K. Meyer

Real time in situ studies of the self-assembly of octadecyltrichlorosilane monolayers
A. Richter, C. Yu, A. Datta, J. Kmetko, and P. Dutta

Structure of CPA in solution and upon adsorption onto g-Al2O3 as a function of pH, chloride concentration and aging/light exposure
A.J. Kropf, W.A. Spieker, J.R. Regalbuto, and J.T. Miller

Synchrotron x-ray examinations of local structure and redox chemistry in lithium battery cathode materials
C.S. Johnson and A.J. Kropf

The arsenic site in oxidized Al0.98Ga0.02As
S. Cheong, M. Boyanov, D. Lahiri, T. Shibata, B. Bunker, D. Hall, and G. Snider

The effect of the support composition on the hydrodesulfurization activity and selectivity in MoS2 catalysts
A.J. Kropf, C.L. Marshall, J.T. Miller, and D. Wei

The interaction between UCl3 and zeolite 4A by in situtemperature-resolved powder x-ray diffraction
D. Lexa, L. Leibowitz, and A. Kropf

XAFS determination of local environment about Sr in CMR material, La1-xSrxMnO3
T. Shibata, B. Bunker, P. Schiffer, M. Roy, and J. Mitchell

XAFS study on ZnSexTe1-x sinusoidally-modulated superlattices
M. Boyanov, B. Bunker, S. Lee, and J. Furdyna

XAFS/XANES studies of plutonium-loaded sodalite/glass waste foms
M.K. Richmann, D.T. Reed, A.J. Kropf, S.B. Aase, and M.A. Lewis

X-ray absorption spectroscopy investigation of the local chemical interactions between Hg and self-assembled monolayers on mesoporous supports
K.M. Kemner, X. Feng, J. Liu, G.E. Fryxell, L.-Q. Wang, A.Y. Kim, M. Gong, and S. Mattigod

X-ray specular reflection study of oxidized 300 Å Al0.98Ga0.02As film on a GaAs substrate
S. Cheong, T. Shibata, M. Boyanov, D. Lahiri, B. Bunker, D. Hall, G. Snider, and C. DeMello