Advanced Photon Source User Activity Report

MHATT-CAT, Center for Real-Time X-ray Studies Collaborative Access Team



A fixed-angle double-mirror filter for producing a pink undulator beam at the Advanced Photon Source
E. Dufresne, T. Sanchez, T. Nurushev, and S. Dierker

A study of concentration fluctuations in the binary mixture hexane-nitrobenzene with x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy
E. Dufresne, T. Nurushev, R. Clarke, and S. Dierker

Direct measurement of the time structure of ultra-short x-ray pulses
D. Walton

Direct structural determination of systems with two-dimensional periodicity
Y. Yacoby, R. Pindak, R. MacHarrie, J. Pitney, and R. Clarke

Local electronic and structural studies of transition metal oxides: magneto-structural correlations
T.A. Tyson, H. Woo, L. Dieng, C. Cui, R.F.C. Farrow, and W.P. Lowe

Picosecond time-resolved x-ray diffraction at the APS sector 7 (MHATT-CAT)
D. Reis, P. Bucksbaum, R. Clarke, M. DeCamp, E. Dufresne, M. Hertlein, R. Merlin, and E. Williams

Speckle analysis of relaxation dynamics in magnetorheological elastomers
W. Schlotter, S. Paruchuri, P. Encarnacion, E. Dufresne, S. Dierker, R. Clarke, J.M. Ginder, and M.E. Nichols

Three-dimensional measurement of crystal microstructure with submicron polychromatic x-ray beams
B. Larson, N. Tamura, J. Chung, G. Ice, J. Budai, J. Tischler, W. Yang, W. Lowe, H. Weiland, and W. Lowe

X-ray microdiffraction studies of strain and texture in Al interconnects
N.  Tamura, J. Chung, G. Ice, B. Larson, J. Budai, J. Tischler, M. Yoon, W.P. Lowe, and E.L. Williams

X-ray microdiffraction study of epitaxial oxide films on textured nickel substrates
J.D. Budai, N. Tamura, J.-S. Chung, G.E. Ice, B.C. Larson, D.P. Norton, C. Park, J.Z. Tischler, W. Lowe, and E.L. Williams

X-ray optics for polycrystalline microdiffraction
G.E. Ice, B.C. Larson, J.-S. Chung, N. Tamura, J.Z. Tischler, J.D. Budai, M. Yoon, W. Lowe, E.L. Williams, and L. Assoufid

X-ray radiation damage effects in Ps/Pbd polymer mixtures
T. Nurushev, E. Dufresne, and S. Dierker