Advanced Photon Source User Activity Report

Materials Science

A high-resolution inelastic x-ray scattering spectrometer at the Advanced Photon Source
M. Schwoerer-Böhning, A.T. Macrander, D.A. Arms, and P.M. Abbamonte

Anomalous synchrotron x-ray scattering studies of local fluctuations in a Pb(Nb2/3Mg1/3)O3 single crystal
A. Tkachuk, H. Chen, P. Zshack, and E. Colla

A study of concentration fluctuations in the binary mixture hexane-nitrobenzene with x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy
E. Dufresne, T. Nurushev, R. Clarke, and S. Dierker

Atomic structure of Pt/SrTiO3(001) interface probed by x-ray standing waves
A. Kazimirov, T.-L. Lee, D. Marasco, M.J. Bedzyk, and S. Streiffer

Atomic structures of As/Si(111)-(1 x 1) by normal and anomalous crystal truncation rods
H. Hong, M. Holt, Z. Wu, P. Zschack, P. Jemian, H. Chen, and T.-C. Chiang

A USAXS study of filler dispersion in orthopaedic cement
A. Gomoll, A. Bellare, W. Fitz, R.D. Scott, and T.S. Thornhill

A wide-angle x-ray diffraction study of alkali tellurite glasses
J. McLaughlin, J. Zwanziger, S. Shastri, and D. Haeffner

Change from a bulk discontinuous phase transition in V2H to a continuous transition in a defective near-surface skin layer
J. Trenkler, H. Abe, S.C. Moss, P. Wochner, D.R. Haeffner, and J. Bai

Characterization of phonon softening in the TiSe2 charge density wave transition via x-ray scattering
M. Holt, Z. Wu, H. Hong, P. Zschack, P. Jemian, J. Tischler, H. Chen, M.Y. Chou, and T.-C. Chiang

Chemical short-range order and magnetic anisotropy in CoPt3 alloy films
J.O. Cross, M. Newville, V.G. Harris, A.L. Shapiro, and F. Hellman

Chemical speciation of gold in arsenopyrites by micro-x-ray analysis
R. Gordon, E.D. Crozier, L. Cabri, M. Newville, S. Sutton, D. Jiang, and G. McMahon

Coherent x-ray study of fluctuations during domain coarsening
A. Malik, G.B. Stephenson, L.B. Lurio, A.R. Sandy, S.G.J. Mochrie, M. Sutton, and I.M. McNulty

Crystal structure of a new polymorph of sulfabenzamide
J. Kaduk, S. Maginn, J. Cole, and K. Shankland

Crystal structures of BaSrRTaO6 (R = Tm, Lu)
J. Kaduk and W. Wong-Ng

Depletion restabilization of colloidal silica
V. Tohver, J. Lewis, P.R. Jemian, and G.G. Long

Determination of phonon dispersions from x-ray transmission scattering:  the example of silicon
M. Holt, Z. Wu, H. Hong, P. Zschack, P. Jemian, J.Z. Tischler, H. Chen, and T.-C. Chiang

Differential anomalous x-ray scattering from aqueous solution at the PNC-CAT
E.A. Stern, G.T. Seidler, N. Sicron, and B.D. Chapman

Direct measurement of the time structure of ultra short x-ray pulses
D. Walton

Direct structural determination of systems with two-dimensional periodicity
Y. Yacoby, R. Pindak, R. MacHarrie, J. Pitney, and R. Clarke

Distorted iron films on GaAs (001)-(4 x 6)
R. Gordon, E.D. Crozier, D. Jiang, T. Monchesky, and B. Heinrich

Equilibrium dynamics in the nondiffusive regime of an entangled polymer blend
D. Lumma, M. Borthwick, P. Falus, L. Lurio, and S. Mochrie

Evolving microstructures during creep cavitation
P.R. Jemian, G.G. Long, F. Lofaj, and S. Wiederhorn

Fe3Pt, an example for phonon softening at the structural phase transition
N. Wiele, H. Franz, T. Ansthalter, and W. Petry

Formation of cyanide bridged networks at the air/water interface
J. Culp, G. Weerasekera, D.R. Talham, and R. Duran

Grain-by-grain reconstruction of granular bed from x-ray microtomography data
G. Martinez, L.H. Seeley, and G.T. Seidler

Grazing-incidence small-angle x-ray scattering from Ge islands on Si(100)
H. Hong, P. Zschack, P. Jemian, and J. Ilavsky

Grazing incidence XAFS of lead adsorbed underneath fatty acid langmuir monolayers
M. Boyanov, A. Datta, T. Shibata, J. Kmetko, B. Bunker, and P. Dutta

Grazing incident diffraction on Langmuir monolayers
G. Weerasekera, J. Culp, D.R. Talham, and R. Duran

HEXRD measurements of strain in plasma-sprayed coatings
T. Gnäupel-Herold, H.J. Prask, and D.R. Haeffner

High-resolution atomic pair distribution functions of Cax/2AlxSi1-xO2 glasses by high-energy x-ray diffraction
V. Petkov, I-K. Jeong, M. Gutmann, P. F. Peterson, S. J. L. Billinge, S. D. Shastri, and B. Himmel

High-resolution studies of surface freezing in alkanes
B. Ocko, E. Sirota, M. Deutsch, J. Strzalka, S. Zheng, A. Tronin, A. Bommannavar, T. Gog, and C. Venkataraman

Imaging and micro-XAFS of hydrothermal solutions in a diamond reactor cell
J.L. Fulton, M.M. Hoffmann, and J.G. Darab

Inelastic nuclear resonant absorption of synchrotron radiation in thin terbium-iron films
T. Ruckert, W. Keune, W. Sturhahn, M.Y. Hu, J.P. Sutter, T.S. Toellner, E.E. Alp, and R. Roehlsberger

Inelastic resonant K scattering near threshold
G.E. Ice , C.J. Sparks, and P. Zschack

In situ study of melting of poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) via simultaneous DSC and scattering: effect of annealing
J.D. Londono, R.V. Davidson, R.A. Leach, R. Barton Jr., and K.H. Gardner

In situtime-resolved x-ray scattering study of pulsed-laser deposition thin-film growth
J.Z. Tischler, G. Eres, M. Yoon, B.C. Larson, C.M. Rouleau, D.H. Lowndes, T.-C. Chiang, and P. Zschack

In situ XAFS studies of redox chemistry in hydrothermal chromium solutions
M.M. Hoffmann, J.G. Darab, and J.L. Fulton

In situ XAFS study of Fe epitaxially grown by MBE on GaAs(001)-4 x 6
D. Jiang, R. Gordon, E.D. Crozier, T. Monchesky, and B. Heinrich

In situx-ray diffraction study of PLD growth of ZnO-Al2O3
B.C. Larson, J.Z. Tischler, G. Eres, D.H. Lowndes, J.D. Budai, and P. Zschack

Interfacial structure and magnetism in Fe/Gd multilayers
C.S. Nelson, G. Srajer, J.C. Lang, J. Pollmann, C.T. Venkataraman, S.K. Sinha, J.S. Jiang, and S.D. Bader

Lamb-Mössbauer factor and second -order Doppler shift of hematite
W. Sturhahn, E. Alp, K. Quast, and T. Toellner

Local electronic and structural studies of transition metal oxides: magneto-structural correlations
T.A. Tyson, H. Woo, L. Dieng, C. Cui, R.F.C. Farrow, and W.P. Lowe

Magnetic domain mapping in Fe/SmCo spring magnets
J. Pollmann, G. Srajer, J. Maser, J. Lang, D. Haskel, C. Nelson, J.S. Jiang, and S.D. Bader

Mass-fractal nature of organic pigments
G. Beaucage, L. Clapp, J. Ilavsky, P. Jemian, D.J. Kohls, G. Long, R.J. Schwartz, and G. Skillas

Mn K-edge and Pb L3-edge XAFS studies of Leptothrix discophora
A. Jürgensen, J. King, R. Gordon, D. Jiang, L. Bendell-Young, M. Moore, and E.D. Crozier

Molecular layering of a liquid at a smooth solid surface
C.-J. Yu, A. Richter, J. Kmetko, A. Datta, and P. Dutta

Nondestructive measurement of near-surface residual stress levels versus depth in an induction-hardened sample and a shot-peened sample
R.D. England, T.R. Watkins, and N. Jayaraman

Observing a true liquid behavior on polymer thin film surfaces
J. Wang, R. Guico, and K.R. Shull

Orbital and charge order in La0.89Sr0.11MnO3
P. Wochner, J. Trenkler, A. Vigliante, J. Lang, G. Srajer, A. Moudden, A. Revcolevschi, L. Pinsard, and A. De Leon

Ordering of liquids near solid interfaces
D. Lahiri, T. Shibata, S. Cheong, M. Boyanov, and B. Bunker

Oriented quantum dots by buffer layer growth process
A. Baddorf, J. Wendelken, C. Venkataraman, A. Bommannavar, and T. Gog

Phase behavior of synthetic clay gels
E. DiMasi, J. Fossum, A. Bommannavar, T. Gog, and C. Venkataraman

Phase transitions in GaAs at high pressure and high temperature
M.I. McMahon, T. Bovornratanaraks, D.R. Allan, S.A. Belmonte, Y. Wang, T. Uchida, M. Rivers, and S. Sutton

Phonon density of states in epitaxial Fe/Cr(001) superlattices
T. Ruckert, W. Keune, W. Sturhahn, M.Y. Hu, J.P. Sutter, T.S. Toellner, and E.E. Alp

Phonon dispersion of diamond measured by inelastic x-ray scattering
M. Schwoerer-Böhning, A.T. Macrander, and D.A. Arms

Phonons in large-band-gap materials
M. Schwoerer-Böhning and A.T. Macrander

Phonons in wurtzite aluminum nitride
M. Schwoerer-Böhning, A.T. Macrander, M. Pabst, and P. Pavone

Plastic zone size measurement with synchrotron radiation
R.A. Winholtz, Y. Prawoto, D.R. Haeffner, and P.L. Lee

Point defect production by monochromatic x-rays above and below the K-absorption edges in KBr and RbBr
F.C. Brown, S.M. Heald, D.L. Brewe, D. Jiang, K.H. Kim, and E.A. Stern

Polaron scattering in colossal magnetoresistive oxides
L. Vasiliu-Doloc, S. Sinha, O. Seeck, R. Osborn, S. Rosenkranz, J. Mesot, J. Mitchell, J.W. Lynn, G. Preosti, and A. Fedro

Powder Bragg backscattering spectroscopy
Y. Shvyd'ko, E. Gerdau, M. Lucht, E. Alp, and J. Sutter

Real-time in situ studies of the self-assembly of octadecyltrichlorosilane monolayers
A. Richter, C. Yu, A. Datta, J. Kmetko, and P. Dutta

Real-time investigations of GaN metal-organic chemical vapor deposition using synchrotron radiation
G. B. Stephenson, J.A. Eastman, A. Munkholm, Carol Thompson, O. Auciello, M.V.R. Murty, P. Fini,
S. P. DenBaars, and J.S. Speck

Real-time x-ray interference studies of polarization reversal in ferroelectric thin films
C. Thompson, S.K. Strieffer, G.B. Stephenson, A. Munkholm, J.A. Eastman, O. Auciello, K. Ghosh, G.R. Bai,
R. Rao, and C.B. Eom

Refined crystal structure of UPt3
D. Walko, T. Chandrasekhar Rao, J.-I. Hong, Z. Wawrzak, D. Seidman, W. Halperin, and M. Bedzyk

Resonant and nonresonant inelastic x-ray scattering in CuGeO3
M.v. Zimmermann, J.P. Hill, C.-C. Kao, T. Gog, C. Venkataraman, A. Bommannavar, I. Tsukada, T. Masuda, and K. Uchinokura

Resonant Auger spectroscopy study of the Al/Al2O3 interface
I. Coulthard, W.J. Antel Jr., S.P. Frigo, J.W. Freeland, J. Moore, W.S. Calaway, M.J. Pellin, M. Mendelsohn, T.K. Sham, S.J. Naftel, and A.P.J. Stampfl

Resonant magnetic x-ray scattering study of K2ReBr6
M.D. Lumsden, S.E. Nagler, D.M. Mandrus, and P. Zschack

Salt effects on the early stages of formation of Stöber silica particles
H. Boukari, D. Green, and M.T. Harris

Searching for charge scattering from stripes in La2-xSrxCuO4 and related compounds
R. Christianson, R. Leheny, R. Birgeneau, L. Lurio, A. Sandy, S. Mochrie, M. Sutton, and J. Pelletier

Small-angle x-ray scattering from phototonic colloidal crystals
L. Lottermoser, C.  Song, A. Goldman, G. Subramania, M. Sigalas, R. Biswas, K. Ho and L. Lurio

Small-angle x-ray scattering study of a hard-sphere latex suspension: concentrated polystyrene latex spheres in glycerol
L.B. Lurio, D. Lumma, A.R. Sandy, M.A. Borthwick, P. Falus, S.G.J. Mochrie, J.F. Pelletier, M. Sutton,
L. Regan, A. Malik, and G.B. Stephenson

Small-angle x-ray scattering study of He4 adsorption into silica aerogel
L. Lurio, N. Mulders, M. Paetkau, M. Chan, S. Mochrie, and M. Lee

Speckle analysis of relaxation dynamics in magnetorheological elastomers
W. Schlotter, S. Paruchuri, P. Encarnacion, E. Dufresne, S. Dierker, R. Clarke, J.M. Ginder, and M.E. Nichols

Streaked coherent x-ray diffraction from antiphase domains in Cu3Au thin films
I.K. Robinson, J.A. Pitney, and I.A. Vartaniants

Structure of precipitated silica
C. Chen, D. Schaefer, and G. Beaucage

Surface resonance x-ray scattering
H. You, Y. Chu, T. Lister, Z. Nagy, A.L. Ankudiniv, and J.J. Rehr

Synchrotron x-ray examinations of local structure and redox chemistry in lithium battery cathode materials
C.S. Johnson and A.J. Kropf

Temperature dependence of the XMCD signal at the RE L3 edge in REFe2
J.C. Lang, G. Srajer, C.S. Nelson, C.T. Venkataraman, A.I. Goldman, C. Detlefs, Z. Islam, B.N. Harmon, K.W. Dennis, and R.W. McCallum

The arsenic site in oxidized Al0.98Ga0.02As
S. Cheong, M. Boyanov, D. Lahiri, T. Shibata, B. Bunker, D. Hall, and G. Snider

The effect of monovalent ions on a Langmuir monolayer
J. Kmetko, A. Datta, P. Lee, and P. Dutta

Thin-film XSW investigation of polarization in ferroelectric PbTiO3 films
M.J. Bedzyk, A. Kazimirov, D.L. Marasco, T.-L. Lee, C.M. Foster, G.-R. Bai, P.F. Lyman, and D.T. Keane

Three-dimensional measurement of crystal microstructure with submicron polychromatic x-ray beams
B. Larson, N. Tamura, J. Chung, G. Ice, J. Budai, J. Tischler, W. Yang, W. Lowe, H. Weiland, and W. Lowe

Time-resolved SAXS study on decomposition and crystallization in bulk amorphous alloys
J.F. Löffler, W.L. Johnson, P. Thiyagarajan, and S. Seifert

Time-resolved studies of phase transformations using high-temperature powder diffraction
M.J. Kramer, L. Margulies, R.W. McCallum, D.K. Finnemore, A.I. Goldman, S. Kycia, P.L. Lee, and D.R. Haeffner

Time-resolved x-ray scattering investigation of Al-Y-Ni metallic glass crystallization
J.F. Pelletier, M. Sutton, Z. Altounian, L.B. Lurio, A.R. Sandy, G.B. Stephenson, D. Lumma, M.A. Bortwick,
P. Falus, and S.G.J. Mochrie

Unusual wavevector dependence of the relaxation rate of giant copolymer micelles
P. Falus, M. Borthwick, D. Lumma, L. Lurio, and S. Mochrie

USAXS studies of calcium-silicate-hydrate gel in cement
A.J. Allen, J.J. Thomas, and H.M. Jennings

XAFS determination of local environment about Sr in CMR material, La1-xSrxMnO3
T. Shibata, B. Bunker, P. Schiffer, M. Roy, and J. Mitchell

XAFS investigations of transition metal transport in two-phase (liquid + vapor) hydrothermal fluids
A. Anderson, R. Mayanovic, D. Jiang, M. Frank, and P. Candela

XAFS on exfoliated single-layer WS2, MoS2 and MoSe2
R. Gordon, D. Yang, E.D. Crozier, D. Jiang, and R. Frindt

XAFS study on ZnSexTe1-x sinusoidally modulated superlattices
M. Boyanov, B. Bunker, S. Lee, and J. Furdyna

XAFS/XANES studies of plutonium-loaded sodalite/glass waste foms
M.K. Richmann, D.T. Reed, A.J. Kropf, S.B. Aase, and M.A. Lewis

XPCS measurements of the equilibrium dynamics within a concentrated coconut and palm kernel oil emulsion
L. Lurio, D. Lumma, S. Mochrie, and A. Blaurock

X-radiation damage of polymer thin films
A.G. Richter, J. Wang, R. Guico, and K.R. Shull

X-ray excited optical luminescence studies of oxidized porous silicon
I. Coulthard, J.W. Freeland, W.J. Antel, Jr., T.K. Sham, S.J. Naftel, and P. Zhang

X-ray microbeam investigation of the depth dependence of ion-implantion induced defects in Si
M. Yoon, B.C. Larson, J.Z. Tischler, T.E. Haynes, and P. Zschack

X-ray microdiffraction studies of strain and texture in Al interconnects
N.  Tamura, J. Chung, G. Ice, B. Larson, J. Budai, J. Tischler, M. Yoon, W.P. Lowe, and E.L. Williams

X-ray microdiffraction study of epitaxial oxide films on textured nickel substrates
J.D. Budai, N. Tamura, J.-S. Chung, G.E. Ice, B.C. Larson, D.P. Norton, C. Park, J.Z. Tischler, W. Lowe, and E.L. Williams

X-ray microprobe analysis of a mineral crystal
R. Cavell and D. Jiang

X-ray microtomography of the vascular canal network in permineralized Triceratops bone
L. Atkins, E. Behne, G. Martinez, J. Rensberger, and G.T. Seidler

X-ray microtomography study of a model crumpled membrane
G.T. Seidler, E. Behne, L.J. Atkins, and A. Rendahl

X-ray optics for polycrystalline microdiffraction
G.E. Ice, B.C. Larson, J.-S. Chung, N. Tamura, J.Z. Tischler, J.D. Budai, M. Yoon, W. Lowe, E.L. Williams, and L. Assoufid

X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy study of the dynamics of a hard-sphere suspension
L.B. Lurio, D. Lumma, A.R. Sandy, M.A. Borthwick, P. Falus, S.G.J. Mochrie, J.F. Pelletier, M. Sutton,
L. Regan, A. Malik, and G.B. Stephenson

X-ray radiation damage effects in Ps/Pbd polymer mixtures
T. Nurushev, E. Dufresne, and S. Dierker

X-ray reflectivity study of formation of multilayer porous anodic oxides of silicon
V. Parkhutik, Y. Chu, H. You, Z. Nagy, and P.A. Montano

X-ray scattering studies of structural changes in swollen macromolecular networks after abrupt temperature changes
J. Ilavsky and M. Ilavsky

X-ray scattering study of the Ge(001):Te 1 x 1 surface structure
O. Sakata, P.F. Lyman, B.P. Tinkham, D.A. Walko, D.L. Marasco, T.-L. Lee, and M.J. Bedzyk

X-ray specular reflection study of oxidized 300 Å Al0.98Ga0.02As film on a GaAs substrate
S. Cheong, T. Shibata, M. Boyanov, D. Lahiri, B. Bunker, D. Hall, G. Snider, and C. DeMello

X-ray standing wave and diffraction studies of Si /Ge/ Si(001) heterostructures
W. Rodrigues, O. Sakata, T-L. Lee, A. Kasimirov, D. Walko, and M. Bedzyk