Technical Bulletins

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TB #TitleDate
TB-54Dose Calculations using MARS for Bremsstrahlung Beam Stops and Collimators in APS Beamline Stations8/31/10
TB-53Insertion Devices: Magnetic Measurements and Tuning--Part 1 - Magnetic Sensors and Measurement Techniques 10/1/10
TB-522006 XSD Scientific Software Workshop - Survey Responses8/25/06
TB-512006 XSD Scientific Software Workshop Report10/31/06
TB-50Thermal Analysis of the Components of the Insertion Device Front Ends FEv1.2 and FEv1.57/1/05
TB-49A New Magnetic Field Integral Measurement System1/1/05
TB-48LCLS Prototype Undulator Report1/1/04
TB-47XFD Progress Report12/1/02
TB-46LCLS - The First Experiments9/1/02
TB-45Undulator A Magnetic Properties and Spectral Performance 5/1/02
TB-44Guidelines for Beamline and Front-End Radiation Shielding Design at the Advanced Photon Source9/24/14
TB-43A New Approach to High-Current Operation of the Advanced Photon Source4/1/02
TB-42APS Forefront 111/1/01
TB-41Advanced Photon Source Research No. 47/1/01
TB-40The Phonon Density of States Measured with Synchrotron Radiation and Nuclear Resonances 3/1/01
TB-39Design Manual for APS Polishing, Deaeration and Makeup System in Building 4501/1/01
TB-38Experimental Facilities Division/User Program Division Technical Progress Report 1999-200012/30/00
TB-37Advanced Photon Source Research No. 33/1/00
TB-36Advanced Photon Source Research No. 26/1/99
TB-35Rev. 2; CAT Guide and Beamline Directory11/1/00
TB-34Experimental Facilities Division Progress Report 1997-989/1/98
TB-33Undulator A Diagnostics at the Advanced Photon Source1/1/98
TB-32Test of Horizontal Field Measurements Using Two-Axis Hall Probes at the APS Magnetic Measurement Facility1/1/98
TB-31Advanced Photon Source Research Vol. 1 - No. 14/1/98
TB-30Experimental Facilities Division Progress Report 1996-974/1/97
TB-28Derivation of Hamiltonians for Accelerators9/12/97
TB-27The Integral Equation for a High Gain FEL7/1/96
TB-26The Advanced Photon Source List of Parameters7/1/96
TB-25The Advanced Photon Source - A National Synchrotron Radiation Research Facility at Argonne National Laboratory10/1/97
TB-24Diamond Monochromators for APS Undulator-A Beamlines 9/1/95
TB-23APS User Safety Guide: A reference for work at the APS10/2/95
TB-22Magnetic Measurements of the Elliptical Multipole Wiggler Prototype3/1/95
TB-21Radiation Shielding of Insertion-Device Beamlines Using a Mirror as the First Optical Element2/1/95
TB-20Bremsstrahlung Scattering Calculations for the Beam Stops and Collimators in the APS Insertion-Device Beamlines12/1/95
TB-19A Finite Element Analysis of Room Temperature Silicon Crystals for the APS Bending-Magnet and Insertion-Device Sources8/1/94
TB-18The Cryogenic Cooling Program at the Advanced Photon Source6/1/94
TB-17Undulator A Characteristics and Specifications: Enhanced Capabilities5/1/94
TB-16Advanced Photon Source Accelerator Ultrahigh Vacuum Guide3/1/94
TB-15APS User Guide: What you need to know to work at the APS10/2/95
TB-14APS Beamline Design and Construction Requirements: A Reference Manual for Designers and Builders, Version 1.05/20/94
TB-13Report on the Value Engineering Workshop on APS Beamline Front Ends1/1/93
TB-12The Insertion Device Magnetic Measurement Facility: Prototype and Operational Procedures3/1/93
TB-11Wiggler A. Characteristics and Specifications2/1/93
TB-9APS Sector Layout: Utilities, etc.2/1/93
TB-8CAT Questions and Answers2/1/93
TB-7Guide to Beamline Radiation Shielding Design at the Advanced Photon Source11/1/93
TB-6APS X-ray Optics Fabrication and Characterization Facility2/1/93
TB-5Functional Description of APS Beamline Front Ends 2/1/93
TB-4High Heat Load Monochromator2/1/93
TB-3Undulator A Characteristics and Specifications2/1/93
TB-2Use of a Mirror as the First Optical Component for an Undulator Beamline at the APS9/1/92
TB-1APS Undulator and Wiggler Sources: Monte-Carlo Simulation2/1/92