8. Beamline Commissioning (Rev. July 21, 1998)

A beamline commissioning process has been instituted to ensure that all systems are in place so that a beamline can perform in a safe and efficient manner. The APS will:

  • verify that CAT safety management plans are in place,
  • ensure the radiation source safeguards are operational,
  • ensure the front end is operational and its safeguards, the equipment protection system and the personnel safety system, are operational,
  • install, maintain, and validate the beamline the personnel safety system (PSS), and
  • validate the integrity of the beamline shielding.

The beamline commissioning is coordinated by the XFD Associate Division Director for Operations (ADD-Ops). A Beamline Commissioning Readiness Review Team (BCRRT), composed of APS and CAT representatives is formed to develop the specific plans for the beamline commissioning. For more information about the commissioning process contact the ADD-Ops.