Helpful links for materials transport, safety, etc. relating to experiment safety at the APS.

Internal Reference Material:

  1. How to fill out the ANL 126C

External References:

  1. US Department of Transportation
  2. International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  3. How to Use the Hazardous Materials Regulations CFR 49 Parts 100-185, a guide from the USDOT. This link may be used as a reference and guide for shipping hazardous materials.  This link is to a workbook.  Reading this information DOES NOT mean that you are trained in Hazardous Materials Shipping.  If you have any questions about shipping materials to/from the ANL/APS please contact your institution's shipping department or your CAT.
  4. Additional Guidance on the DOT Small Quantity Exception (from University of New Hampshire)
  5. APS DOT Small Quantity Exception class slides.
  6. DHL Prohibited and Restricted Commodities.

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Reviewed and Updated: April 23, 2015