Documentation of the Web-Based ESAF System.

What is new in the Web ESAF process? (6/6/2012)

The following modifications have been added to the Web ESAF process:

  1. The ESAF should be submitted at least seven (7) days before the beginning of the experiment to allow for review by both the Beamline and the APS. Failure to submit your ESAF in advance may result in a delay of the beginning of your experiment.
  2. There are two forms generated automatically by the system:  The Experiment Authorization (EA) form (posted in the cabinet at the end of the beamline) and the Experiment Hazard Control Plan (EHCP) posted at the station where the experiment is being conducted. Two copies of the EA form are automatically generated by the system.
  3. Certain experiments require reviews that involve people outside of the APS and will require additional time for review.  These include experiments that utilize radioactive materials (APS Radiaoctive Sample Review Committee), biohazard materials (ANL Institutioanl Biosafety Committee), human tissue/materials (University of Chicago Institutional Review Board),  and new class 3 and 4 laser installations (ANL Laser Safety Officer).  Please allow sufficient additional time for these review.
  4. Clicking on "Create ESAF" will present a page listing any of your active General User Proposals/Beam Time Requests that may be used to create an ESAF.  If you have no active General User Proposals or Beam Time Requests you should click on the "Create New ESAF" button. 
  5. Users must enter their names and contact information by using the "FIND" link on the ESAF Experimenters page.  If you find anything wrong in your contact information please contact the APS User Administration Office to make corrections. Note: Institutions can no longer be free-typed in but must be looked up using the dropdown.
  6. The core APS training status of badged APS users will be displayed in the line with their name.  The date that retraining is due for APS101, ESH223, ESH377, ESH700, GERT, and Sector Orientation will be shown.  If any of your training is overdue please contact the APS User Administration Office to arrange for retraining when you arrive at the APS for your experiment or complete overdue training on the APS Remote Training Website.  The training fields cannot be edited.
  7. Clicking the submit button will forward your completed ESAF to your host beamline management and the APS.  Clicking the save button will save the information without sending notification to your host beamline.

Do all Beamlines use the APS web system?

All of the Beamlines use the APS web-submission ESAF system.  Only powder diffraction experiments at Sector 11-BM-B has a custom front end for entering ESAFs. 


How does the Web ESAF process work?

When an ESAF is submitted, the Beamline is notified by e-mail that a new form has been submitted.  The APS Experiment Safety Review Board (ESRB) is also notified.  Both the Beamline and the APS can make comments about experiment safety concerns.  The system will notify the experiment spokesperson if the experiment and safety form are approved by both the Beamline and the APS.  The Beamline and/or the APS will notify the designated On-Site Spokesperson if there are any safety concerns that need to be addressed.   At the beginning of the experiment, the Beamline will print out a copy of the Experiment Authorization (EA) form and the Experiment Hazard Control Plan (EHCP) for signature verifying that all samples/materials are correct  and all required safeguards are in place and have a Floor Coordinator post the EA form at the end of the beam line and the EHCP at the station were the experiment is being conducted. For experiments that involve only Remote and/or Mail-in users the ESAF system will automatically collect the OS signature for the EA form.


How do I submit a web-based Experiment Safety Approval Form?

  1. The submission of an Experiment Safety Approval Form begins by clicking on the "Experiment Safety Assessment Form System" link on the top of the APS Experiment Safety Form Page.  This brings up a login page.  

  2. Enter your APS User badge number (found on the back of the badge, to the right of the barcode strip)  If you are not yet a registered APS User please register with the APS User Office to receive a badge number. The first time loggin in you will be immediately asked to provide a new password and can then login.

  3. Completing the login will open up the APS Experiment Safety Assessment Form main menu page.

  4. If you are creating a new ESAF click on the Create ESAF link.

  5. If your are editing/viewing an existing ESAF click on the "Edit/View ESAF" link.

  6. DO NOT USE the browser BACK button. You are not guaranteed to have the latest information in the form. Always use the navigation buttons provided on the form.


Who else can see my ESAF?  Is it confidential?

Before an Experiment Safety Approval Form is submitted to the Beamline it is only viewable on the web by personnel listed on the form (by badge number).  After it is submitted to the Beamline it is also viewable by the designated Beamline's Safety Coordinator, APS Floor Coordinator for that sector, and the APS ESRB.  Beamline personnel can only view forms submitted to their Beamline.  Once the form is posted at the end of the beam line it is considered public.  The Beamline can make changes to any of the information on the form.  


Can I modify or use the same ESAF again?

Yes, you can modify any ESAF that you have saved. The Beamline and APS are not notified of changes to any form that is not yet submitted to them (you have only saved it, not submitted). You can also modify an ESAF that you have submitted to the APS until it is approved (a form whose approval status is "pending" ). When a form that is pending (already submitted) is modified by its owner an e-mail is generated to let the Beamline and APS know that a pending form has been modified.  ESAFs that are approved can only be modified by contacting the host Beamline or the APS. Remember, you can ONLY view the ESAFs that have YOUR APS badge number associated with them.


For how long is the  Safety Approval of an ESAF valid?

Experiment Safety Approval Forms are, in general, valid for 1 year from the date of Beamline and APS approvals as long as the information on the form and hazards of the experiment do not change. Most experiments will not be affected by this restriction. Higher risk experiments (e.g., radioactive samples, BSL-2 samples, BSL-3 samples, explosives, etc.) are only valid for the duration of the experiment. Users are encouraged to submit a new ESAF for every experiment. Existing ESAFs can be duplicated and then modified and submitted.


Please send any questions or comments about this page to Bruce Glagola (630/252-9797)